Intersection improvements at Bexley Road and Canterbury Road, Campsie

Roads and Maritime Services is funding this project at the intersection of Bexley Road and Canterbury Road, Campsie as part of the NSW government’s $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Points Program, which aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve travel times on Sydney's busiest corridors.

Updates and announcements

As planning for this project continues, Roads and Maritime Services will be carrying out utility survey and geotechnical investigation works, which include coring, potholing, and cutting and reinstating the road pavement.

The investigations will be carried out from Sunday 20 November until Sunday 18 December, weather permitting. The work will take up to 8 night shifts and our working hours will be from 9:30pm to 5:00am. There will be no more than two consecutive night shifts at a time during this period.

View or download the November 2016 Project Update (PDF, 254Kb).

Project background

The NSW Government is funding this project at the intersection of Bexley Road and Canterbury Road as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

Project benefits

  • Extending the northbound right turn bay from Bexley Road to Canterbury Road to help reduce the likelihood of Bexley Road through traffic being blocked by motorists turning right onto Canterbury Road
  • Reducing congestion by improving northbound traffic movements through the intersection
  • Improving safety of the intersection to reduce the number of rear-end crashes and crashes involving motorists changing lanes.

Project features

  • Widening Bexley Road (southbound) into the grassed median and removing up to ten trees to accommodate the road widening and extended northbound right turning lane
  • Improving safety at the intersection by prohibiting right turns from the one way access road onto Bexley Road and installing a no right turn sign and a stop sign
  • Modifying the island garden beds immediately south of the access road to accommodate the extended turning lane
  • Reconstructing the footpath
  • Relocating street lights and utilities
  • Installing new drainage
  • Providing new landscaping
  • Asphalting and line marking.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime Services sought community feedback in October 2016 on a proposal to extend the existing right turn lane from Bexley Road onto Canterbury Road. All comments have been considered in our decision making process.

What happens next?

We have reviewed all feedback received. Submissions were generally in favour of the proposal. We have now developed a community consultation report summarising matters raised and our responses.

The community consultation report can be viewed here.

Roads and Maritime is currently carrying out works to identify and locate existing services and utilities at this location. These works will take some time to finalise. We will contact the community in the New Year with an update on progress of the proposal. The latest community project update can be viewed here.

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