Deadmans Creek Bridge

Roads and Maritime Services is replacing the bridge over Deadmans Creek on Heathcote Road at Sandy Point. The planned bridge is a two-way, two-lane structure on the upstream (south-west) side of the existing bridge. Once the new bridge is complete, the existing structure will be removed.

Deadmans Creek Bridge

Updates and announcements

On Thursday, 29 October, traffic was switched from the old bridge to a temporary alignment on the new bridge, to allow road construction work to continue and the old bridge to be taken down.

Project background

Heathcote Road is a major arterial link servicing commercial, local and through traffic from Liverpool to Wollongong, including the Department of Defence at Holsworthy. Some sections of Heathcote Road have steep grades, tight curves and narrow shoulders. There is a history of crashes along this route.

The current bridge over Deadmans Creek on Heathcote Road at Sandy Point was constructed 70 years ago, during World War II. It is narrow and does not meet current design standards. For further background, see the project documents page.


The current bridge over Deadmans Creek is located on Heathcote Road, south-west of Sandy Point - view the location map.

Why replace the bridge?

The existing bridge across Deadmans Creek is narrow and does not meet current design standards. The approaches to the bridge are steep, curved and narrow, creating visibility issues for road users. Heathcote Road is regularly used by trucks and other large vehicles. When travelling across the bridge in opposite directions the risk of vehicles crashing or clipping each other is high. A number of crashes have been recorded near the bridge. Two recorded crashes have occurred on the bridge.

Widening the bridge and its approaches would reduce risk and improve both visibility and safety for road users.

Roads and Maritime has investigated the possibility of widening the current bridge. After considering its age, environmental constraints and traffic flow impacts, replacing the bridge is the preferred long-term solution.

Project objectives

  • Improve road safety as a result of a wider bridge, improvements to the vertical and horizontal alignment of Heathcote Road and a reduced likelihood of road crashes, particularly at the crossing point of Deadmans Creek
  • Improve driver visibility resulting from widened road shoulders and median
  • Improve flood immunity at the creek crossing
  • Lower on-going bridge maintenance costs
  • Improve storm water and road drainage
  • Enhance road safety at the St George Crescent intersection
  • Reduce construction impact on the community by containing work within the existing road reserve
  • Improve road alignment with potential to upgrade to four lanes.

Key features

Features of the new bridge include:

  • A new 12.6 metre wide concrete bridge, west of the existing structure
  • Two 3.5 metre lanes (one in each direction)
  • Shoulders with widths of two metres and a 0.6 metre wide centre median on the bridge and approaches
  • A retaining wall, up to five metres high, on the south western approach
  • A raised road alignment, increasing flood immunity from a one in five year flood level, to a one in twenty year flood level
  • An improved road alignment, with reduced grades and better curve geometry
  • A left turn slip lane for southbound traffic turning into St George Crescent by widening the existing left turn lane on Heathcote Road
  • Dedicated left and right turn lanes from St George Crescent southbound including providing a raised median and two painted left turn islands for vehicles turning onto Heathcote Road
  • Improved road drainage on Heathcote Road and at St George Crescent.

Community engagement

In November 2012, a preferred design for the replacement of Deadmans Creek Bridge was identified. The community was invited to comment on the concept design in the November 2012 Community update. Community information sessions were held to answer questions and receive feedback.

In July 2013, a community issues report identifying the issues and suggestions raised by the community and how they will be addressed was published. This report forms part of the Review of Environmental Factors which considers the environmental impacts of the proposal.

As part of the investigations undertaken to inform the Review of Environmental Factors, some changes were made to the project. These include minor improvements to the intersection of Heathcote Road and St George Crescent at Sandy Point.

The local community will be kept informed on the progress of work throughout the project. Please email if you would like to receive email updates.


Ventia Boral Amey Joint Venture has been contracted to complete this project. Work to build the new bridge started on 21 July 2014 and will be completed in early 2016, weather permitting.

In general, day time work hours are:

  • From Mondays to Fridays, between 7am and 6pm and Saturdays, between 8am and 1pm (off road activities)
  • From Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 3pm (on road activities).

Night work hours are:

  • From Sundays to Fridays between 9pm and 5am (on and off road activities).

View or download the December 2015 Construction update

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