F6 Extension

Roads and Maritime Services will carry out geotechnical analysis to determine underground rock and soil conditions along the F6 road corridor.

F6 corridor study area map. A larger version is available in the fact sheet, which can be downloaded from this page.
F6 corridor study area map

The analysis is being carried out as part of investigations into a possible link between the M1 Princes Motorway at Waterfall and the Sydney Motorway Network.

The M1 Princes Motorway is a key part of Australia’s national highway system, as well as providing a vital arterial road link through southern Sydney.

At present it does not have an efficient connection to Sydney’s broader motorway network from north to south.

Along the Princes Highway between Tom Ugly’s Bridge and St Peters there are 42 sets of traffic lights and a further 18 sets of lights between Tom Ugly’s Bridge and Loftus.

Congestion along this route is significant in peak times. Similarly, motorists using The Grand Parade also regularly experience heavy traffic through this busy corridor.

Roads and Maritime has been conducting a study into developing a possible link between the M1 at Waterfall and the Sydney Motorway Network, which was identified as a priority in the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, 2012 and the State Infrastructure Strategy Update, 2014.

Geotechnical analysis is now being carried out to determine the underground geology along the corridor.

The testing involves drilling a small diameter hole (about the size of an orange) to extract a rock core sample which is used for scientific testing and analysis.

Wherever possible, Roads and Maritime carries out this work in public areas, either on roads or in open spaces.

Equipment may include a truck-mounted or self-propelled drilling rig, support equipment and hand tools and other items.

A temporary work site with safety fencing will be established to ensure community safety. When the work is complete, the drill hole will be capped and the test site restored to its previous condition.

There may be some noise associated with this work.

Roads and Maritime will work to minimise any disturbance to the local community and operate in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.

Our approach

We will:

  • Engage openly with all stakeholders
  • Minimise property needs
  • Develop designs that reduce construction impacts
  • Always work in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
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