Live data

Current external real time air quality readings

(at the following monitoring stations external to the tunnel)

Nitrogen dioxide

(hourly average in micrograms per cubic metre)

Particulate matter (PM10)

(24 hourly average in micrograms per cubic metre)

Carbon monoxide

(1 hour average in parts per million)

Wind direction

(hourly average)

Wind speed

(hourly average in kilometres per hour)

Time/date 23/02/2019
6pm - 7pm
22/02/2019 23/02/2019
6pm - 7pm
6pm - 7pm
6pm - 7pm
Set limit or goal 256 50 No set limits or goals for these
Cnr Jackson Place and Highcliff Road, Undercliffe (U1)6.2
Cnr Walker Street and Thompson Street, Turrella (T1)12.3
Cnr Wavell Parade and David Street, Earlwood (X1)4.1
Gipps Street Lookout, Bardwell Park - community based monitoring station (CBMS)6.2
A grey background indicates that data is temporarily unavailable. A red background with white text indicates a reading above the goal.
* 1-hour average PM10 data is for information purposes only. The PM10 goal of 50µg/m3 applies only to 24-hour average readings.
Disclaimer - The data used on this page comes directly from the air monitoring stations. This data may be adjusted at a later time through a standardised procedure to account for instrument errors, power interruptions and the like.

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