Mascot Intersections

Roads and Maritime Services is proposing to upgrade five intersections in the Mascot to help reduce congestion and improve safety.

Gardeners Road intersection at Mascot
Gardeners Road intersection at Mascot

Updates and announcements

The NSW Government is funding this proposal as part of its program to ease congestion on Sydney’s busiest road corridors.

We are working with the community and stakeholders during the planning process to understand issues and minimise potential impacts.

Designs for each of the five intersection upgrades are now open for public viewing. The community consultation period for this project closed on November 2


The Mascot intersection upgrades would help manage congestion and safety in one of Sydney’s most intensively and diversely utilised areas.

The upgrades would help to address growing freight and travel demand in the Mascot area, including to and from Port Botany and Sydney Airport and across Sydney.


The Mascot intersection upgrades would include a number of upgrades to manage traffic flow and increase safety.

These changes are outlined below.

Gardeners Road and O’Riordan Street

  • Banning right turns for all vehicles from Gardeners Road (east) into O’Riordan Street (north)
  • Banning left turns from Gardeners Road in both directions into O’Riordan Street for all vehicles over 12.5m, and a dedicated left turn lane on Gardeners Road (east).

Gardeners Road and Botany Road

  • Installing dual right turn lanes on Gardeners Road (west) and extending the length of the existing right turn bay
  • Reconfiguring lanes to provide a shared left/through lane, eastbound through lane and dual right turn lanes on Gardeners Road (west).

Kent Road and Ricketty Street

  • Realigning the southbound through lane on Kent Road
  • Reconfigured pedestrian crossing on Kent Road (South) and new, larger traffic island
  • Installing a concrete median on Kent Road (south) to enforce the no right turn onto Church Avenue.

Coward Street and Kent Road

  • Installing a new left turn slip lane on Kent Road (north) into Coward Street (east)
  • New pedestrian crossing and traffic island on Kent Road (north)
  • New pedestrian crossing at traffic lights on Coward Street (east).

Bourke Street and Coward Street

  • Banning right turns at Coward Street (east) into Bourke Street (north)
  • Banning right turns from Bourke Street (south) to Coward Street (east) for all vehicles except buses.

Benefits of the proposal

Benefits of the Mascot intersection upgrades would include:

  • Improving traffic flow on Gardeners Road, Kent Road, Coward Street, and Bourke Street
  • Improving safety at Gardeners Road and O’Riordan Street, and Kent Road and Church Street by removing a right turn across multiple lanes of oncoming traffic
  • Improving safety at Coward Street and Kent Road by providing more space to turn for large vehicles, who can cross into opposite traffic lanes and mount the footpath under current conditions
  • Better manage heavy vehicle movements in the Mascot area
  • Maintained journey time and reliability for public transport users
  • Improving safety by providing a new pedestrian crossing and pedestrian island at Kent Street and Coward Street.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime sought feedback in October and early November from local residents and key stakeholders on the Mascot Intersection Upgrades. A community consultation report is currently being prepared to detail the next steps for the project.

We are working with the community and stakeholders during the planning process to understand issues and minimise potential impacts.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will continue to keep the community informed as the project progresses.

Roads and Maritime will carefully consider all feedback before deciding how to proceed with the proposal.

A community consultation report will be prepared following the Have Your Say period, which will summarise the matters raised by the community together with our responses. This and further information will be available via a dedicated web page as the project progresses.



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