Princes Highway, Rocky Point Road and Gray Street, Kogarah

The NSW Government is funding this project as part of its $300 million Gateway to the South Pinch Point Program which aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key southern corridors.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime is starting work in February 2018 on intersection improvements on the Princes Highway, Rocky Point Road and Gray Street.

View or download the February 2018 community notification (PDF, 325Kb) that was distributed to residents.


The Princes Highway is the main route that links the southern coastal towns of NSW with Sydney. Regionally, the Princes Highway is one of three routes that cross the Georges River to link Sutherland Shire (population 226,220) with the Sydney CBD and the inner southern and inner western suburbs of Sydney.

The intersections of the Princes Highway, Rocky Point Road and Gray Street currently cater to around 10,300 and 11,000 vehicles during the AM and PM peak periods. Vehicles travelling north and south on the Princes Highway and Rocky Point Road contribute to high volumes of traffic at all three intersections.

Motorists are currently experiencing delays when travelling southbound on the Princes Highway between Rocky Point Road and Ocean Street due to three lanes reducing to two; this is caused due to vehicles queuing in the right turn bays for Gray Street.


Work includes:

  • removing northbound and southbound right turn access from the Princes Highway into Gray Street
  • adjusting the existing median on the Princes Highway to accommodate three southbound through lanes between Rocky Point Road and Ocean Street
  • improving safety at the intersection of Rocky Point Road and Gray Street by removing about two car spaces to allow safer turn movements
  • investigate additional parking removal and line marking in Gray Avenue
  • upgrading traffic lights and phasing
  • new signage on Rocky Point Road into Gray Street to advise of alternate routes
  • installing new kerbs, pram ramps and signage
  • asphalting and line marking
  • utility relocation.


These intersection improvements aim to improve the efficiency of the intersections and reduce traffic delays, providing reliable journey times for motorists.

These improvements will also aim to reduce the number of rear-end crashes and crashes occurring when motorists change lanes, improving the overall safety of the intersections. In addition these improvements aim to improve the flow of traffic for high volumes of motorists travelling southbound on the Princes Highway between Rocky Point Road and Ocean Street.

Alternative access

An alternative route study was carried out as part of this project’s proposal.

Recommended alternative routes to access Gray Street included, Jubilee Avenue and Bowns Road for motorist travelling northbound. The recommended route for motorist travelling southbound included Rocky Point Road.

A map of the alternative routes can be accessed in the May 2017 project update.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime sought feedback on these proposed intersection improvements in May and June.

Next steps

We will continue to keep the community informed as the project progresses.

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