Airport East Precinct

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading roads east of Sydney Airport and removing the General Holmes Drive rail level crossing by constructing a road underpass. This will improve the movement of rail freight facilities to and from Port Botany, and improve traffic flow and access to the airport and Port Botany.

Artist's impression of the new Wentworth Avenue extension.

Updates and announcements

Change to airport runway operations

From Friday 24 March to Monday 10 April 2017, Roads and Maritime Services will need to carry out 16 consecutive days and nights of construction on the project, during a change to runway operations on the Sydney Airport east west runway. This work was previously planned to take place beginning 17 March however due to recent wet weather and scheduling arrangements, the change to runway operations will start one week later.

View or download the previous letter to residents (PDF, 547Kb).

To protect the safety and efficiency of airport operations, there are height restrictions on operating construction equipment in the areas surrounding Sydney Airport. As a result, we can only carry out certain construction activities during either airport curfew hours, or during restricted runway operation periods.

Carrying out as much work as possible during this change to runway operations will minimise the number of nights of work on the project, and help reduce our impact on the community.

The key activities we will carry out during this time will be piling for major road structures. We will operate large piling machines to create the foundations for key elements of the project:

  • the new rail bridge for the Port Botany freight rail line
  • the new bridge over Ascot canal, which will form part of the extension of Wentworth Avenue
  • a new retaining wall next to General Holmes Drive.

We will carry out construction activities for 24 hours per day during the two week change to runway operations, construction conditions and weather permitting. Not all work will be noisy during this time.

View or download the letter to residents about the work planned during the change to runway operations (PDF, 62Kb)

Tree clearing along Joyce Drive, between O’Riordan Street and General Holmes Drive, Mascot

Since starting early work in January 2017, Roads and Maritime Services has carried out much of the vegetation removal required for the new road upgrade. We have removed trees in Botany Road near Wentworth Avenue, on both sides of General Holmes Drive, south of Joyce Drive, and in the Ascot Lodge area where we are establishing our site compound.

We will now carry out further trimming and removing of trees and vegetation on Joyce Drive. This will complete the vegetation removal required for the project. The work will involve:

  • Setting up traffic controls including temporary lane closures at night & installing temporary fencing and environmental controls
  • Temporarily modifying pedestrian access
  • Establishing safe access for workers and vehicles
  • Removing overhead branches, trees and tree stumps.

Work will be carried out from Monday 13 March until Friday 24 March, weather permitting. For the safety of workers and the public, and to minimise impact on traffic, some work will be carried out at night. There will be up to 10 shifts of night work between 9pm and 5am, weather permitting.

Some of this work will also be carried out during the day between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday.

View or download the March 2017 letter to residents about tree clearing (PDF, 547Kb).

Bus stop closure

The northbound bus stop on Botany Road, between Bronti Street and Wentworth Avenue, next to the railway line will be closed permanently from 12 February 2017. We have consulted with Sydney Buses about the bus stop in this location, and the closure is required to ensure the safety of pedestrians and traffic movements in the area.

During construction, bus patrons will be able to use the existing bus stop at the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Botany Road.

View or download the February 2017 letter to residents. (PDF, 394Kb)

Night work

In line with the project's Review of Environmental Factors, we will carry out work at night throughout major construction on this project. Night work is necessary on this project due to the traffic conditions in the area, and the limitations of working next to the Sydney Airport East West runway. Night work will be carried out from 9pm until 5am, excluding Saturdays, weather permitting.

A weekly schedule of upcoming work, including night work, will be available online and emailed to the project stakeholder list. If you would like to receive the weekly schedule, please email the project team at

Members of the project team will continue to talk to residents and businesses in the area about the project in the coming weeks. If you would like more information about the upcoming work program, contact the project team.

Sydney Airport precinct road upgrades

A Sydney Airport Precinct update was published in December 2016. This update outlines the progress of the Sydney Airport road upgrades being delivered by Roads and Maritime Services, and outlines some of the congestion busting measures already in place.

View or download the December 2016 Sydney Airport Precinct update (PDF, 200Kb).

View the Sydney Airport precinct projects video.

Key features

Key features and benefits of the project are:

  • Replacing the General Holmes Drive rail level crossing with a road underpass that links General Holmes Drive, Botany Road and Wentworth Avenue to improve the movement of rail freight and improve access to the Airport, Mascot and the eastern suburbs
  • Improving the Mill Pond Road intersections with General Holmes Drive and Botany Road to support future growth and access to the Airport
  • Widening Joyce Drive and General Holmes Drive between O'Riordan Street and Mill Pond Road to three lanes in each direction to improve traffic flow around the Airport and to Port Botany
  • Creating a new shared path to link to the existing cycle way on Wentworth Avenue to improve connections for pedestrians and cyclists, at Todd Reserve on Wentworth Avenue
  • Retaining the northbound bus stop on Botany Road close to the existing location to meet community needs.

3D animation

View the Airport East video:

Review of Environmental Factors

In early 2015 we prepared a Review of Environmental Factors to identify, assess, reduce and manage the potential impacts of the project.

View or download a copy of the Review of Environmental Factors.

The Review of Environmental Factors for this proposal was displayed for community comment in February and March 2015.

We received feedback from 11 people and organisations. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to consider our proposal and provide feedback.

Following a review of the comments, we prepared a Submissions Report and obtained planning approval for the project.

Further developing the detailed design of the project has created some new and modified project features. We have now prepared an addendum to the REF, to assess these features. View or download a copy of the addendum to the REF.

Weekly construction updates

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