Airport North precinct

The NSW Government is planning to upgrade the roads north of Sydney Airport to improve traffic flow and connections to the airport and Port Botany.

Updates and announcements

Early work

Early work is continuing on the project. To find out more and for more information about our neighbouring Airport East project View or download the September Community Update (PDF, 768Kb).

Early work and site establishment

Roads and Maritime Services has awarded the delivery contract for the Airport North project to John Holland Group. Major work on the project is scheduled to start in the coming weeks and is expected to take about two years to complete.

On Sunday 1 July 2018, we will start preparing for major work on the project which will include investigation work in the project area. This involves surveying and digging several small holes to confirm the location of existing utilities.

To allow us to work safely, we will install temporary traffic barriers and remove concrete medians on O’Riordan Street, King Street, Robey Street and Baxter Road. We will also carry out some adjustments to line marking and traffic signals which will be in place throughout construction.

To enable the start of major work, some properties will be demolished along O’Riordan Street and High Street. We will also start trimming vegetation and removing trees in the project area. View or download the June 2018 community update (PDF, 373Kb).

Consultation on the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors

Following feedback from the community, the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors for the project has been finalised and major work will start in the coming weeks.

The finalised Addendum Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 65Mb) has been now been published.

We will continue to keep the community updated as the project progresses.

Permanent traffic changes

Roads and Maritime Services is working closely with Sydney Airport as it finishes work to widen and improve Qantas Drive around the entrance and exit to the Domestic Terminal.

On 14 October 2017, Roads and Maritime made two major permanent traffic changes in this area to improve traffic flow into and out of the Domestic Terminal and for road users travelling along Qantas Drive and Joyce Drive.

  • O’Riordan Street is now one-way southbound, south of Robey Street. This means there will be no entrance to O’Riordan Street from Joyce Drive or Qantas Drive.
  • Robey Street is now one-way eastbound between Qantas Drive and O’Riordan Street. This means there will be no entrance to Robey Street from O’Riordan Street.

The map shown shows the changed traffic conditions that are now in place.

From Monday 16 October, the Route 305 inbound bus stop on O’Riordan Street near Robey Street will be closed and an alternative stop will be installed on Robey Street before O’Riordan Street, opposite the Stamford Plaza.

All road signs have been updated to reflect the changes.

View or download the Project Documents for more information about this project.

Airport North directional map
Airport North directional map

Project background

Sydney Airport and Port Botany are two of Australia’s most important international gateways. The roads around the airport and Port Botany are becoming increasingly congested and need to be upgraded.

Sydney Airport is building a new one-way road system through the T2/T3 domestic terminals to improve traffic flow in the airport.

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to reconfigure Robey Street and O’Riordan Street to accommodate upgrades to the Sydney Airport internal road network and help improve traffic flow around the airport.

Key features

The key features of the Airport North precinct proposal include:

  • Converting the southern sections of Robey Street and O’Riordan Street into one-way roads
  • Widening O’Riordan Street to provide six through lanes between Bourke Road and Robey Street
  • Reconfiguring the existing traffic lights on O’Riordan Street between Qantas Drive and Bourke Road
  • Upgrading the footpath on the eastern side of O’Riordan Street.
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