Airport West Precinct

The NSW Government is widening Marsh Street, Arncliffe to three lanes westbound to relieve congestion and improve traffic flow. The project supports and complements upgrades to Sydney Airport’s internal road network.

Airport West precinct

Updates and announcements

What’s happened so far?

Since our last update in January 2017 we have:

  • installed all stormwater drains on the new westbound lane
  • installed 375 metres of pedestrian fencing along the new westbound side of Marsh Street
  • continued earthwork on the new westbound lane along the southern side of Marsh Street
  • completed earthwork on the eastern section of the site next to the Giovanni Brunetti Bridge
  • installed stormwater drainage pipes below Marsh Street
  • completed 220 metres of footpath, with kerb and gutter along the new westbound lane
  • started work on an open channel drain between Marsh Street and Levey Street.

What’s happening next?

Work to be carried out in the coming months will include:

  • building an improved separated cyclist and pedestrian path on the northern side of Marsh Street between Innesdale Road and the Giovanni Brunetti Bridge. This new path will allow safe pedestrian and cyclist movements in this area
  • removing four eucalyptus trees along Marsh Street, east of Innesdale Road, to allow the new path to be built
  • finalising the upgraded drainage system
  • continuing to install new pedestrian fencing along the westbound side of Marsh Street
  • continuing to upgrade the traffic lights at the intersection of Marsh Street and Flora Street
  • continuing to install a separated cyclist and pedestrian path along the southern side of Marsh Street
  • asphalting the new westbound lane
  • starting work for a retaining wall on the eastbound side of Marsh Street, between Levey Street and the Giovanni Brunetti Bridge
  • relocating street lights on the southern side of Marsh Street to enable the road widening
  • continuing to carry out concrete finishing work between 5am and 7am and 6pm and 8pm up until June
  • general landscaping and finishing work.

Our standard construction working hours are from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

To complete the project as quickly as possible and minimise the disruption period for residents, we have carried out about 45 night shifts between Friday 27 January and Friday 31 March 2017. We will also carry out about 45 night shifts between Sunday 2 April and Friday 30 June, excluding Saturdays, weather permitting. Our working hours will be from 8pm to 5am.

Traffic changes

There will be some temporary traffic changes to ensure the work zone is safe.

To minimise impact on traffic, lane closures will only be in place after hours, which may affect travel times. Please keep to speed limits and follow the direction of traffic controllers and signs. For the latest traffic updates, you can call 132 701, visit or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

As the project progresses towards overall completion, we are preparing to change the way motorists move through the project area, when the new westbound lane opens. This traffic switch will mean we can finish work in the centre of Marsh Street, between the Giovanni Brunetti Bridge and Valda Avenue.

We do not expect any major disruptions, but motorists may experience some minimal delays as we implement this traffic switch. We are expecting this switch to be carried out in the coming months. Variable message signage will advise motorists of any traffic changes.

View or download the March 2017 letter to residents.

Sydney Airport update

A Sydney Airport Precinct update was published in December 2016. The update outlines the progress of the Sydney Airport road upgrades being delivered by Roads and Maritime Services, and outlines some of the congestion busting measures already in place.

View or download the December 2016 Sydney Airport Precinct update .

Project background

The NSW government is delivering the Airport West project, which involves widening Marsh Street, Arncliffe to three lanes westbound.

Marsh Street is the primary connection to the Sydney Airport international terminal and is a key access point for the M5 Motorway and Sydney’s southern suburbs.

The Airport West proposal is part of a suite of planned upgrades which would complement Sydney Airport’s upgrades to the internal airport road network.

Key features

  • Widening Marsh Street to three lanes westbound between the Giovanni Brunetti Bridge and the M5 interchange, meaning Marsh Street would be three lanes in both directions
  • Providing a dedicated cycleway on the southern side of Marsh Street to connect the existing path on the bridge to the Eve Street cycleway
  • Providing a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Marsh Street and Flora Street
  • Minor widening of the existing eastbound and westbound lanes to provide wider, safer lanes for motorists.

Project benefits

The project would:

  • Increase traffic capacity and reduce congestion on Marsh Street for westbound traffic
  • Improve cycle access in the area and increase safety for cyclists
  • Improve pedestrian access in the area.

Community consultation

Roads and Maritime sought feedback in January and February 2016 on a proposed night work construction schedule. To complete the project as quickly as possible and minimise the disruption period for residents, we proposed working up to five nights a week and carrying out noisy work until midnight at regular intervals throughout delivery of the project.

We sent around 850 letters to local residents and businesses. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to review the proposal and provide feedback. We received comments from six people with three objections. Following a review of the comments, we have decided to proceed with the proposal.

Review of environmental factors

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been completed for the widening of Marsh Street. The REF assessed the proposed widening against relevant NSW legislation and other environmental planning requirements. It also identifies all environmental impacts associated with the works and proposes mitigation to minimise these impacts.

View or download the REF: 

Addendum to the review of environmental factors

In early 2015 we prepared a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to identify, assess, reduce and manage the potential impacts of the project. Further developing the detailed design of the project has created some new and modified project features. We have now prepared an addendum to the REF, to assess these features.

For more information about the addendum to the REF, view or download the March 2016 letter to residents.

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