Sydney Gateway – Australia’s Front Door

Sydney Airport and Port Botany drive the NSW economy with $31 billion of output each year – and growing.

Sydney Gateway, a project of national significance, is being planned to free up transport for both Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

The proposal features a seamless, high capacity road link between the WestConnex St Peters Interchange, Sydney Airport and beyond towards Port Botany.

The project will also duplicate the rail line to the port to get more freight onto trains and off trucks.

Roads and Maritime Services will carry out geotechnical testing and other field investigations to help inform design concepts and a business case for the project.

Current situation

Sydney Airport, Australia’s gateway and our busiest airport handles 40 million passengers a year and generates 283,700 jobs. The Sydney Airport Masterplan predicts passengers will grow to over 70 million by 2033.

Port Botany is our economic gateway with 2.3 million container movements a year. The NSW Ports Masterplan forecasts this will triple to over seven million containers within 30 years.

Traffic around both gateways is already heavily congested and prone to delays as Port Botany trucks compete with airport traffic as well as through and local traffic.


Roads and Maritime is preparing design concepts and a final business case for Sydney Gateway.

Sydney Gateway was identified as a priority in both the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, 2012 and the State Infrastructure Strategy Update, 2014.

The link was an integral part of the WestConnex business case. It will provide a direct connection from the WestConnex St Peters Interchange to the Domestic and International Terminals at Sydney Airport.

Roads and Maritime is working closely with Sydney Airport, Qantas, port and rail authorities on all aspects of the project, including duplication of a 3 kilometre section of the Port Botany freight line to streamline rail operations.

Process and status, as described in the text that follows.

The process:

  1. Long Term Transport Masterplan, 2012
  2. State Infrastructure Strategy, 2014
  3. Strategic Options Study approved by NSW Government
  4. Site investigations, detailed corridor study - WE ARE HERE
  5. Final business case
  6. Release project overview for stakeholder input, 2017.

Key facts

  • 150,000 people visit Sydney Airport each day
  • Road congestion costs around $5.1 billion a year – nearly $1,100 for every person in Sydney. By 2020, this will reach $8.8 billion a year
  • 56% of containers imported to Port Botany go to Sydney’s west and south west – only 10% go to the local area
  • More than 30,000 people work in warehousing and logistics jobs in Sydney’s west
  • Sydney Gateway would reduce travel times between the airport and Sydney’s west and south west.


  • Cater for forecast passenger and freight growth
  • Ease road congestion around Sydney Airport and Port Botany, reducing travel times and improving reliability
  • Direct links to the International and Domestic Terminals
  • Take through traffic off local roads in Botany, Mascot and Alexandria
  • Put more freight onto rail by doubling capacity on the Port Botany line
  • Create jobs and grow the economy.
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