Bells Line of Road - Chifley Road Upgrade

The NSW Government is proposing to upgrade sections of Chifley Road between Bell and Lithgow as part of the Bells Line of Road Corridor. The upgrade would provide long-term road safety benefits, more reliable travel times and improve regional access and efficiency.

Project background

Bells Line of Road is a State road which stretches from North Richmond on the north-western outskirts of Sydney to Bell, at the intersection with the Darling Causeway. At this point it becomes Chifley Road which then goes to Clarence and into Lithgow on the western side of the Blue Mountains.

Chifley Road has a poor crash history and does not meet new road standards and guidelines in a number of areas.

Roads and Maritime Services is developing upgrades in response to crashes including alignment improvements through the Bells Line of Road Corridor Improvement Program.

The project will focus on replacing the bridge across the main western railway line at Clarence and improvements to the Scenic Hill intersection.

The first stage of work will focus on the bridge across the railway line at Clarence, with work at Scenic Hill to be carried out subject to future funding.

Key features

Key features of the road bridge across the railway line at Clarence proposal include:

  • Replacing and removing the existing bridge across the Main Western railway line
  • Widening and realigning Chifley Road to connect to the new bridge
  • Upgrading the intersection of Chifley Road and the road into the Clarence Colliery.

Key features of the Scenic Hill proposal include:

  • Widening and upgrading Chifley Road
  • Providing an additional one kilometre descending lane
  • Installing median barriers and improving drainage
  • Improving the alignment for the final corner or bend
  • Improving access to the Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial on Chifley Road, Lithgow.

Review of Environmental Factors

Roads and Maritime displayed a Review of Environmental Factors in October 2016 to examine the potential impact of the proposed upgrade to Bells Line of Road / Chifley Road and outline measures to reduce and manage the impacts.

The Review of Environmental Factors has now been determined and a total of 10 submissions were received, which resulted in no changes to the project.

The Review of Environmental Factors followed the display of a preliminary concept design earlier in 2016 which encouraged community and stakeholder feedback to help guide our decision making and design.

Next steps

The contract for the detail design tender will be awarded by end of 2017 with detailed design expected to start in January 2018.

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