About this project

Features of the proposed upgrade

  • Upgrade from a two lane undivided road to a four lane divided road with central raised median
  • New signalised T-intersection at Jordan Springs Boulevard access to Jordan Springs urban development
  • Signalised four-way intersection at Borrowdale Way and the northern access road to Jordan Springs development
  • Left in/left out intersection at Watkin Street access to Jordan Springs urban development
  • New traffic signals at Sherringham Road intersection
  • Right turn bus lane into Andrews Road and traffic signal upgrade to accommodate bus priority arrangements
  • Bicycle and pedestrian crossing provisions at traffic signals
  • Two metre wide road shoulders for bicycles
  • Sign posted speed limit of 70km/hour
  • Extension of the existing off-road shared pedestrian/cyclist path (east of The Northern Road)
  • Retaining walls 1–2.5 metre high
  • Culvert and drainage upgrades for the flood evacuation route
  • Landscaping, street lighting, noise reduction measures
  • Adjustment of public utility services along the upgrade route.

Benefits of the proposed upgrade

Improved safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians by:

  • Central median to separate opposing traffic flow
  • Signalised intersections
  • Bicycle and pedestrian crossings at signalised intersections
  • Shared pedestrian/cyclist path
  • Wider road shoulders
  • Flood evacuation route

Improved travel times for motorists and road freight by:

  • Dual lane road
  • Bus priority capability
  • Efficient access to residential areas

Improved amenity for residents by:

  • Landscaping
  • Street lighting
  • Noise reduction measures.
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