Intersection improvements at Great Western Highway, Doonside Road & Brabham Dr, Eastern Creek

Have your say – Proposed intersection improvements at the intersections of Great Western Highway and Doonside Road and Brabham Drive, Eastern Creek

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services invited feedback in May on proposed improvements to the intersection of Great Western Highway and Doonside Road and Brabham Drive, Eastern Creek.

We received feedback from 10 people, three in support and seven were neither in support, nor opposed. Nine people stated that another left turn only lane should be added from Doonside Road onto Great Western Highway. 

After considering all responses, we have decided to proceed with the improvements unchanged. We thank everyone for considering the proposal and for their feedback.

Project background

The NSW Government is funding this proposal as part of its $300 million Urban Roads Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s busiest corridors.

Project objectives

The key benefits to the community include:

  • Improving eastbound and westbound traffic flow and travel times on the Great Western Highway
  • Reducing congestion caused by right turning vehicles queuing in the through lane
  • Improving safety for pedestrians.

Key features

The work would include:

  • Widening Great Western Highway from the centre median to create additional right turn lanes onto Doonside Road and Brabham Drive
  • Widening the existing eastbound and westbound left turn slip lanes from Great Western Highway onto Brabham Drive and Doonside Road
  • Adding two signalised pedestrian crossings on the north and south sides of the intersection.

Community engagement

Consultation has now closed for the proposed improvements. Roads and Maritime Services thank you for your feedback.

View or download the consultation summary.

What happens next?

Following closure of the community consultation process, we are planning to start work in early 2018.

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