Intersection improvements at Great Western Highway & Pages Road, St Mary's

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime invited feedback on the proposal in October 2017. We received feedback from eleven people with three people supporting the proposal, seven people against the proposal and one person who did not state a preference. Key matters raised included:

  • lengthening of the median on Pages Road
  • installing speeding humps on Pages Road
  • adding an additional lane on the Pages Road approach to the intersection.

After considering all responses, along with the proposal’s aims and design requirements, we have decided to implement further changes to the proposal including:

  • reducing the length of the proposed new median on Pages Road.

This will allow delivery trucks over six metres in length to turn right at the southern entrance into the Pages Road commercial centre. This access will be entrance only and “no exit”.

We have directly responded to all community members who provided feedback.

Roads and Maritime thanks everyone who reviewed the proposal and provided feedback.

Project background

The NSW Government is funding this proposal as part of its $225 million Pinch Point Program, which aims to reduce traffic delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s major roads, particularly during weekday peak periods.

Project objectives

The key benefits to the community include:

  • improve sight distances for right turning vehicles on Pages Road and Charles Hackett Drive reducing the risk of a crash
  • reduce congestion through the intersection
  • improve safety for pedestrians and road users.

Key features

The work would include:

  • adjusting the southbound approach of Pages Road to improve sight distances for right turning vehicles on Pages Road and Charles Hackett Drive
  • extending the right turn bays on the north and south approaches
  • changing the left only lanes to “through and left” for the north and south approaches
  • providing an additional lane on the southern exit on Pages Road
  • adjusting the traffic lights and utilities on Pages Road
  • adjusting and lengthening the median in Pages Road to improve safety.
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