Hume Highway and Miller Road, Bass Hill

Roads and Maritime Services is building an extra right turn lane from the Hume Highway westbound into Miller Road, Bass Hill to reduce traffic delays.

Updates and announcements

We finished major construction to improve traffic flow on the Hume Highway onto Miller Road in December 2016.

The project will increase capacity for cars turning right from the Hume Highway into Miller Road.

During the coming months, the project team will complete the final stages including landscaping and other minor work.

This work will take six shifts to complete between Sunday 19 March and Sunday 9 April, weather permitting. Our working hours will be between 8pm and 5am from Sunday to Friday.

For more information, view or download the March 2017 project update (PDF, 275Kb).

Project background

During morning and afternoon peak periods, the right turn lane from the Hume Highway into Miller Road queues into the through lanes, which delays westbound vehicles.

The project is part of the NSW Government’s $225 million Pinch Point Program which aims to reduce delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s main roads particularly during week day peak periods.

Project objectives and benefits

The project will:

  • Improve travel times for the Hume Highway
  • Reduce delays and queue lengths on the Hume Highway
  • Improve safety at the intersection.

Key features

  • Widening the Hume Highway on the southern side to provide the extra right turn lane into Miller Road
  • Extending to a 125 metre merge lane along Miller Road to allow entry for the extra right turn lane
  • Relocating the existing bus stop northbound on Miller Road to 50 metres north of its present location
  • Removing 16 trees and replace at a nearby location in collaboration with Bankstown Council and Remembrance Driveway Committee
  • Removing 12 parking spaces on Miller Road.

This proposed work would improve traffic flow by reducing congestion at the intersection and improve road safety by reducing queuing into the through lane by right turn vehicles.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime sought community feedback on this proposal in July 2013 and September 2014.

The Community consultation report identifying the issues and suggestions raised by the community and how they will be addressed is now available. The local community will be kept informed on the progress of work throughout the project. Please email if you would like to receive email updates.

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