Leonay - Russell Street - completed

Roads and Maritime Services has completed an upgrade of the interchange of Russell Street, Leonay Parade and the M4 Motorway westbound on and off ramps at Leonay to reduce congestion and improve safety.  This Pinch Point Program project was completed in August 2014. The project involved:

  • Installing metered traffic lights at the southbound approach to the roundabout on Russell Street from Emu Plains. A queue detector on the M4 off ramp would activate the traffic lights to stop southbound vehicles on Russell Street and allow a free flow of vehicles from the M4 off ramp through the roundabout.
  • Providing a left turn lane about 90 metres long on the approach to the roundabout from the M4 westbound off ramp. This lane will further reduce queuing and improve the turning paths for heavy vehicles turning right into Russell Street.
  • Rebuilding the roundabout to make the right turn into Russell Street easier for heavy vehicles and safer for all road users.

Other activities associated with this project included drainage works, relocation of public utilities, line marking and new signs.

The NSW Government fully funded this $2 million project as part of the $246 million Pinch Point Program. The program aims to reduce delays and manage congestion on Sydney's main roads, as well as improve safety for all road users.

Project background

The intersection of Russell Street, Leonay Parade and the M4 Western Motorway westbound off ramp forms an important part of the local road network as it is provides the only access for journeys to and from Leonay and the only access for westbound journeys from the M4 Western Motorway to Emu Plains and surrounding areas. During the afternoon peak period, westbound vehicles exiting the M4 at this location queue back onto the M4, blocking through lanes and increasing the risk of high speed crashes.

This exit from the M4 is also the end of the westbound B-double route, so many heavy vehicles exit here to drop off or pick up trailers at Emu Plains and continue their journey over the Blue Mountains. This contributes to congestion. Roads and Maritime Services also identified a safety concern where heavy vehicles turning right from the M4 westbound off ramp into Russell Street mount the roundabout and kerb.

In August 2013 Roads and Maritime invited feedback from the community on the proposal to upgrade the interchange. While the community was generally supportive of the proposal, broad concerns include safety, noise, privacy, wildlife and capacity of the proposed measures to reduce congestion. For more information please see the Community update and the Community issues report (PDF, 538MB). The project was assessed in December 2013 with work to upgrade the interchange to start in February 2014.

Key benefits

Benefits of the completed project include:

  • Improved safety and reduced delays for westbound journeys on the M4 and vehicles exiting the M4 at Russell Street.
  • Better manoeuvrability for heavy and long vehicles.

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