Key benefits

Safer, smoother and more reliable journeys.

    Real-time information, communication and intelligent traffic management tools would keep you moving and provide a safer, smoother and more reliable journey.

    Crash rates on motorways are reduced by up to 30 per cent making your journey safer.

    Easy merge, safer flow.

    Entry ramp signals would smooth the flow of traffic onto the motorway and allow safer merging.

    Peak period travel time savings of up to 15 minutes.

    Traffic keeps moving on the motorway so journey times are slashed by up to 15 minutes.

    Real time infomration - helping you.

    Real-time information about traffic conditions and expected travel times would allow drivers to make informed decisions about travel routes before entering the motorway and once on the motorway.

    Improved incident management.

    If there’s an incident, variable message signs will give you real-time information about what’s happening ahead, speed limits will be adjusted to slow traffic down and lanes will be closed to direct traffic around the delay. This also improves access for emergency service vehicles.

    Reduction in vehicle emissions

    By improving traffic flow and reducing stop-start traffic, vehicles would have better fuel consumption and produce fewer emissions.

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