Replacing the Hume Highway ‘Meccano Set’

The ‘Meccano Set’, at the intersection of Henry Lawson Drive, Woodville Road and the Hume Highway, Lansdowne was built in 1962. Since then, the structure has held the busy intersection’s overhead directional signs and traffic lights.

Meccano Set
The ‘Meccano Set’ has been a Hume Highway landmark since the early 1960s

Updates and announcements

The NSW Government is funding the replacement of the 'Meccano Set' under its $1.5 billion program to maintain and improve the 18,028-kilometre state road network.

Project background

Roads and Maritime Services has maintained the structure for more than 50 years. Investigations in 2003 found the Meccano Set to be structurally safe; however, significant maintenance work was required to address rust and peeling paint.

In January 2015, Roads and Maritime Services sought community feedback on the Meccano Set’s future. Two options were proposed: repaint and maintain the structure or remove it completely and replace it with more standard traffic lights and directional signs. Public responses revealed it was considered a Western Sydney icon, with around 90 percent wanting it to remain.

Investigations over the following years found that repairing the existing structure, on-site or off-site, presented significant safety risks to both workers and road users. Roads and Maritime Services established that replacing the structure with an identical, pre-fabricated version, prepared off-site, was a safe, cost‑effective and timely alternative.

The project

The existing footings will need to be strengthened to protect the structure before it can be replaced. We will use bored piles to create stronger foundations. This involves drilling a circular hole in the ground, installing a steel tube and filling it with concrete. This method has been chosen as it is one of the least disruptive piling techniques.

The components of the structure will be fabricated off-site. When they are ready to be installed, we will transport them to site, assemble them in position, and attach the traffic signs and lights. Each side of the structure will be replaced one at a time, then tested and commissioned before the road is reopened to traffic.

Community engagement

Work is expected to start in mid-January 2019 and continue until June 2019. We will work up to five nights a week, and for up to 60 shifts, weather permitting. Most of the work will happen at night between Sunday and Thursday nights, but there will be occasions where we work on a Saturday night. The planned work will not affect traffic during the AM and PM peak periods.

We invite you to send your feedback on this schedule by 5pm Friday 7 December 2018, via:

1800 677 700
Mail: PO Box 838, Rockdale, NSW, 2216

Next steps

Your comments on the proposed work schedule will be considered ahead of the start of work.

We will prepare a community consultation report summarising any issues raised by the community, including our responses to the comments. When complete, the report will be available on this project page.

We will keep the local community and stakeholders updated throughout the life of the project. 


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