Pedestrian bridge on Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta

Roads and Maritime Services is building a pedestrian bridge across Pennant Hills Road near Masons Drive, North Parramatta.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services invited feedback in March and April 2016 to build a pedestrian bridge on Pennant Hills Road. The Community Consultation Report is now available summarising the feedback, responses and decision of this proposal.

Project background

The NSW Government has committed $5 million to build a pedestrian bridge on Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta near Masons Drive to provide a safe crossing for local students, parents, carers and other pedestrians and cyclists.

Project objectives

The key benefits to the community include:

  • improving safety, by separating pedestrians from a busy main road and providing a safe crossing of Pennant Hills Road for local students, parents, carers and other pedestrians
  • providing a safer accessible crossing for people with limited mobility by including lifts in the bridge design.

Key features

The pedestrian bridge would be about 9.2 metres high and would allow a clearance for heavy vehicles up to about 5.5 metres. The features of the project include:

  • stairs and lifts so that the bridge is accessible for the elderly and mobility impaired. This combination has been chosen to minimise visual, vegetation and property impacts
  • access directly from Pennant Hills Road to Redeemer Baptist School
  • the current signalised pedestrian crossing will be closed once the bridge is built, but would functional in the event the lifts are out of service
  • Roads and Maritime has a strict protocol for lift maintenance, and a 24-hour phone number for the public to report issues with the lifts.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime invited feedback on a night work schedule for this project in February. Our response to this consultation will be available shortly and the community will continue to be updated as the project progresses.

Community engagement

In February 2017 a community notification was distributed along with a Community Consultation Report summarising the feedback and responses of the proposal. A Have your say was included in this notification inviting feedback on a night work schedule for the work. Feedback for this schedule closed Friday 17 February 2017 and we are now considering feedback recieved.

In March 2016 a ‘Have your say’ community update was distributed inviting stakeholders and the community to comment on the proposal. Comments close on 22 April 2016.

In September 2015 representatives of the project team doorknocked residents in the area to discuss night investigation work and the proposal.

Related projects

The NSW Government’s Active Transport Pedestrian Bridges Program aims to provide safer pedestrian crossings and improves access to all users.

Please view a recent time-lapse of the bridge span being lifted into place at Beecroft Road near Beecroft Public School.

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