Jane Street and Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Upgrade

The Australian and NSW governments have committed $35 million each toward developing and constructing road improvements to alleviate congestion and improve traffic flow along Mulgoa Road and Castlereagh Road adjacent to Penrith’s CBD.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime Services has carried out a number of investigations and technical studies to identify the best option to support current traffic demand and future growth in the area.

As part of these investigations, thirteen options were developed and assessed and a preferred option to reduce congestion at this location has been identified. A Preferred Option Report (PDF, 70Mb) providing more detail on the option selection process was displayed for community comment in late 2014 with comments closing in mid-February 2015. A Community Consultation Report (PDF, 819KB) that outlines the summary of comments received and responses from Roads and Maritime is also available.

The Concept Design and a Review of Environmental Factors for the project is currently being prepared and is expected to be on public display in late 2016.

Project background

Jane Street, Mulgoa Road and Castlereagh Road intersections provide a north-south connection between Richmond and Wallacia and an east-west connection between the Penrith CBD and the Blue Mountains. These intersections currently experience congestion during the morning and afternoon peak times. Penrith is a nominated regional centre and has been identified to accommodate future residential and employment growth. This growth means that without any improvement, future traffic congestion at the intersections would worsen, resulting in further delays for road users.

The Jane Street and Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Project aims to reduce this traffic congestion and provide increased capacity to cater for future transport growth in the Penrith area.

Key features

The key features of the Jane Street and Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Project include:

  • An additional lane both north and south bound from Museum Drive to Union Road increasing capacity for through traffic, while providing capacity for vehicles turning left onto Mulgoa Road from Jane Street and right onto the Great Western Highway
  • A longer left turn lane along Mulgoa Road for vehicles turning onto the Great Western Highway
  • An upgrade of the Mulgoa Road and High Street intersection to provide increased capacity
  • An upgrade of the T-intersection of Jane Street with Castlereagh Road/Mulgoa Road to provide increased capacity
  • Widening the existing rail underpass to allow three lanes in each direction on Castlereagh Road and extra lanes at intersections.


The Jane Street and Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Upgrade would:

  • Reduce congestion and delays at the Jane Street/Castlereagh Road and Mulgoa Road/High Street intersections during morning and afternoon peak times
  • Deliver infrastructure that provides effective network performance for at least 10 years after opening
  • Improve access to public transport and support economic growth
  • Provide safe and effective pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • Allow for upgrades of other sections of Mulgoa Road in the future
  • Allow for the extension of Jane Street in the future if it is needed.

Other projects in the area

Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road Corridor Upgrade

On 25 February 2015 the NSW Government announced a commitment to investigate options to improve Mulgoa Road between Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park and Andrews Road, Penrith. The upgrade includes a 6.5 kilometre upgrade and widening of Mulgoa Road / Castlereagh Road to support current and future traffic demands and expected growth in the area.

Roads and Maritime is carrying out investigations and technical studies to inform a Preferred Option Report, which is scheduled to be published for comment in late 2016.

What happens next?

The next stage of consultation will be the display of the concept design and Review of Environmental Factors. This is expected to take place in late 2016.

We expect construction on the Jane Street / Mulgoa Road Infrastructure Upgrade to start in December 2017. The upgrade is expected to be completed in late 2019.

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