Pitt Town Road Upgrades

Roads and Maritime Services recently commenced planning for key intersection improvements on Pitt Town Road, funded from infrastructure contributions secured by the Department of Planning and Environment through planning agreements with developers active in the Pitt Town area.

Roads and Maritime Services is planning a series of intersection improvements along Pitt Town Road, between Windsor Road, McGraths Hill, and Glebe Road, Pitt Town.

The improvements include road widening and shoulder extensions at the intersections.

Updates and announcements

The August 2018 Community Update (PDF, 221Kb) is now available for download.

What is happening now?

Roads and Maritime is carrying out field work and technical studies, including surveys, traffic, environmental, noise monitoring, and heritage investigations, to assist with project planning and investigation.

Our work schedule

Investigation work will be carried out from Friday 31 August through Friday 5 October over six day shifts and six night shifts, weather permitting. Our day time work hours will be between 7am and 5pm from Monday to Saturday. Our night time work hours will be between 8pm and 5am from Sunday to Friday.

Temporary traffic changes

There may be some temporary traffic changes during our invetigation work hours to ensure the work zone is safe.

Lane closures may be in place and may affect travel times. Please keep to speed limits and follow the direction of traffic controllers and signs. For the latest traffic updates, you can call 132 701, visit livetraffic.com or download the Live Traffic NSW App.

What happens next?

We will keep you informed on the project’s progress.


If you have feedback or concerns about the proposed work schedule, or would like to know more about this project, please contact Roads and Maritime on 1800 793 862 or pitttownroads@rms.nsw.gov.au.

Thank you for your patience during this important work.

Other projects in your area

Pitt Town Bypass

The NSW Government is also planning a bypass of Pitt Town to reduce traffic through the town centre and improve traffic flow and safety for road users.

Visit the Pitt Town Bypass webpage for more information on this project.

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