Prospect Highway upgrade

The NSW Government is planning for the future needs of Western Sydney. To date, it has provided $9.6 million to plan for a potential future 3.6km upgrade of the Prospect Highway, between Reservoir Road at Prospect and St Martins Crescent at Blacktown, to reduce congestion and meet future traffic demand on this road corridor.

Prospect Highway facing North towards Stoddart Road

Updates and announcements

The addendum Review of Environmental Factors is now finalised for a potential future upgrade of the Prospect Highway.

The addendum REF was required to assess additional scope of work identified during development of the detailed design for the potential future upgrade

Key items covered in the addendum REF include:

  • Four additional noise wall locations along sections of the Prospect Highway
  • Acoustic architectural treatments for eligible dwellings
  • Kiss-and-ride facility for Shelly Public School within the school grounds
  • Modification of the intersection at Hadrian Avenue and Keyworth Drive to provide a roundabout and associated utilities relocation
  • Change to the posted speed limit on Prospect Highway between Reservoir Road and Blacktown Road, from 60km/h to 70km/h
  • Residential property adjustment work to facilitate improved entry and exit to properties to and from the Prospect Highway
  • Powerline relocation and associated clearing of trees within private properties along a section of the project between Bungarribee Road/ Leabons Lane and Blacktown Road, Seven Hills.

For more information on the above items, please view the finalised addendum REF report.

Roads and Maritime will continue to inform the community as planning progresses to the next stage.

Project objectives

The primary objective of the project is to provide increased capacity in order to cater for forecast transport growth to 2031 on the Prospect Highway between Reservoir Road at Prospect and St Martins Crescent at Blacktown.

Other objectives of the upgrade include:

  • Improving safety and access for both through and local traffic
  • Improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improving travel times and reducing congestion along the Prospect Highway between Blacktown and the M4 Motorway.

Key features

The key features of the Prospect Highway upgrade include:

  • Upgrading from an undivided two lane road to a four lane divided road
  • Duplicating the bridges over the M4 Motorway and the Great Western Highway
  • A new two way link road between the Great Western Highway and the Prospect Highway, with traffic lights at either end of the new road
  • Providing new traffic lights at:
    • Stoddart Road
    • M4 Motorway eastbound entry and exit ramps
    • Reservoir Road
  • Changing access arrangements at:
    • Tudor Avenue
    • Roger Place
    • Vesuvius Street
    • Ponds Road
  • Upgrading of the existing shared path on the western side of the Prospect Highway between the M4 Motorway and Blacktown Road
  • Installing kerbside bus lanes between Lancelot Street and north of St Martins Crescent.

What happens next?

The planning for a potential upgrade will continue and the residents and property owners would be notified of any decision regarding the project via a community update when this information is available.

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