Stage 3 - North of Grange Avenue to South Creek floodplain

The final stage of the Richmond Road upgrade is between Bells Creek (900 metres north of Garfield Road West) and the South Creek floodplain at Marsden Park.

As part of the development of the Marsden Park precinct, a commercial developer completed the upgrade of Richmond Road, 900 metres north of Garfield Road West to just north of the old Marsden Park Golf Club in late 2015.

Features of the project

  • An upgrade from two to a four lane divided road with a landscaped central median. The upgrade has provision for widening to six lanes in the future
  • A speed limit of 80km/h
  • A three metre wide off-road shared pedestrian/cyclist path on the western side of the road with provision made on the eastern side of the road in the future
  • Bus priority capability at traffic lights
  • Designated turning lanes, and bicycle and pedestrian crossing provisions at traffic lights
  • Provision of a new intersection with traffic lights, approximately one kilometre north of Garfield Road West will provide access to Marsden Park Precinct.

What happens next?

The completion of Stage 3 will take place as neighbouring development progresses. The community will be kept updated as detailed design progresses and advised when work is planned to start on Stage 3.

For further information

For further information about Stage 3 of the Richmond Road upgrade please contact Roads and Maritime on 1800 631 531 or email

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