Spring Farm Parkway

The NSW Government is proposing to build a link road from the Menangle Park development area to Menangle Road to support future growth. This 2.5 kilometre road, including north facing motorway ramps, will form part of the future Spring Farm Parkway linking the Camden Bypass, the M31 Hume Motorway and Menangle Road, Menangle Park.

Menangle Road at Menangle Park, facing north
Menangle Road at Menangle Park, facing north


The proposed Spring Farm Parkway would play a vital role in providing road infrastructure to the Menangle Park development area.

The future release and rezoning of the Menangle Park / Mount Gilead Land Release Area (part of the Greater Macarthur Growth Area) would ultimately provide about 18,000 homes and 4,500 jobs.

The NSW Government is funding the planning work to progress investigations on road projects in the vicinity of Menangle Park.

The scope of the proposed Spring Farm Parkway project is split in two stages to support housing development and better connectivity for the region.

Stage one – Menangle Park to Menangle Road

This 2.5 kilometre eastern section of Spring Farm Parkway would connect the Menangle Park development area to the M31 Hume Motorway and Menangle Road.  The project includes an interchange with the M31 Hume Motorway with north facing ramps and provision for future south facing ramps. Stage one has been identified as a fast track project under the Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) program, which would provide critical road infrastructure within the Menangle Park / Mount Gilead Land Release Area to support housing development. Funding will also be provided by developer contribution.

Construction is expected to be completed in the early 2020’s, subject to approval and funding.

Stage two – Spring Farm Parkway from Liz Kernohan Drive

Roads and Maritime is undertaking field investigations and developing a strategic design to ensure this important transport corridor is preserved.

The next phase of this stage is subject to funding being allocated.

What is happening now?

Roads and Maritime will continue to carry out field investigations and studies in several locations around the suburbs of Menangle Park and Spring Farm.

We are also currently undertaking an Aboriginal Heritage Assessment to determine the cultural significance of the area. The findings of this information will be made available in the Review of Environmental Factors to be displayed for community comment in 2019.

Roads and Maritime will keep the community informed on the project’s progress during the planning phase.

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