Hume Highway and Stacey Street, Bankstown

Roads and Maritime Services is working to improve safety and traffic flow at the intersection of Stacey Street and the Hume Highway at Bankstown/Greenacre.

Updates and announcements

Work is now complete and this intersection was opened to traffic on Wednesday 17 February.

Thank you for your patience during this work.


There is a high incidence of ‘head on’ and ‘off path to right’ crashes involving north and southbound vehicles traveling on Stacey Street south of the Hume Highway intersection.

The project is part of the NSW Government’s $36 million Safer Roads Program which aims to reduce death and serious injury on NSW roads. The project will:

  • Increase travel throughput for Stacey Street and the Hume Highway
  • Reduce delays and queue lengths on Stacey Street
  • Increase the safety of left turns out of Stacey Street onto the Hume Highway
  • Reduce the risk of crashes on Stacey Street.

Key features

The project involves:

  • Installing a 245 metre long safety barrier on the centre median on Stacey Street between the Hume Highway and Mimosa Road
  • Extending the two right turn lanes from Stacey Street northbound onto the Hume Highway by 120 metres
  • Installing an 85 metre left turn lane from Stacey Street southbound onto the Hume Highway
  • Widening the road on the eastern side of Stacey Street adjacent to the service road and at the northeast corner of Stacey Street and Hume Highway.

This work will improve traffic flow and safety by reducing congestion at the intersection and enhance road safety by separating oncoming vehicles and providing safer turns, particularly for heavy vehicles.

Community involvement

Roads and Maritime sought community feedback on this proposal in August and September 2014.

The community consultation report is available to view which identifies the issues and suggestions raised by the community and how they will be addressed. The local community will be kept informed on the progress of work throughout the project. Please email if you would like to receive email updates.

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