Windsor Bridge replacement

The NSW Government is funding this project to help improve traffic flow and provide a reliable and safe crossing of the Hawkesbury River.

Windsor Bridge
Artist's impression of the new Windsor Bridge, looking south

Updates and announcements

Windsor Wharf

The Windsor Wharf will be closed until Saturday 23 February to allow some work to be completed in the area.

Please follow all pedestrian signage in the area for safe and appropriate access around the area.

Tree Removal update

Roads and Maritime Services is currently constructing the replacement Windsor Bridge, 35 metres downstream of the existing bridge. In order to build the new bridge, some trees and other vegetation will be removed from Thompson Square. We would like to assure the community that the large Hoop Pine - Araucaria cunninghamii, which acts as the town Christmas tree, will remain in place and be protected throughout the works.

Strict environmental controls and processes are in place, as outlined in the EIS, Construction Environmental Management Plans, and the Conditions of Approval from the Department of Planning and Environment. Only those trees necessary for the project are being removed.


Last week several timbers were uncovered within the northern riverbed which have been assessed as coming from an old boat. Marine Archaeologists were called in to investigate the area and have found part of what is possibly a 19th century shipwreck. Cosmos Archaeology will lead a team of divers to record the find and advise on further actions. The divers will be working all day this Saturday February 16 and possibly into next week.

Northern Riverbank

Over the past few months community members have expressed concern over excavations of large cuttings on the northern riverbank. These cuttings are temporary and necessary in order to allow machinery to safely excavate and place scour rock onto the river bed. To have large machinery operate on the original steep slope would not be safe. These cuttings are being filled in progressively with rock and layers of compacted earthworks which will offer a greater level of stability than the previously existing embankment. There are no issues with slippage on the bank.

Future Interpretation and Consultation

A pre-construction interpretation plan has been developed and is on the project website. Roads and Maritime is in the process of developing the final interpretation plan which will involve consultation with community and stakeholder groups including Windsor Regional Museum, historic societies and the community.

We are currently working closely with heritage experts to determine the best way to interpret and document the brick drains and other heritage items for future generations. We are considering the following heritage interpretation options:

  • Videography and photography
  • Displays in the Regional Museum or historic society
  • Artistic impressions and drawings
  • Documenting stories and folklore

Next steps

Construction work will pause during the holidays. Traffic management will remain in place for the safety of road users and the community. During the break, please contact 1800 983 657 to report any urgent issues.

Our last working day for the year will be Saturday 22 December 2018, and we will be back on site from Monday, 7 January 2019.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy and safe holiday season.

Video - Windsor Bridge archaeological finds


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