Walking and Cycling Programs

The latest provisions for walking and cycling projects.

The NSW Government is committed to working with councils to make walking and cycling, more convenient, safer and enjoyable transport options. By targeting investment to improve walking and cycling in the areas where most short trips occur, the NSW Government supports more accessible, liveable and productive towns, cities and centres, by:

  • Encouraging walking and cycling to be the mode of choice for short local trips
  • Reducing congestion on our roads
  • Freeing up capacity on the public transport system for those customers that need to travel further.

The Walking and Cycling Programs are in line with the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan (LTTMP), Sydney’s Walking Future, and the ten Regional Transport Plans, which have a focus on improving walking and cycling connections within major and busy centres, and at public transport interchanges.

Walking and cycling projects

For the 2015-16 program

The NSW Government has committed over $40million under the Walking and Cycling Programs to deliver over 370 walking and cycling projects across the state of NSW. The NSW Government is working with councils to improve the walking network by reducing pedestrian delays at intersections, providing enhanced walking facilities and implementing behaviour change and education programs. The NSW Government partnership with councils also supports the delivery of 34 kilometres of on-road cycleways and 74 kilometres of off-road cycle paths.

The list of cycling projects being delivered during the current 2015-16 financial year are:

For the 2016-17 program

For the 2016-17 financial year, the NSW Government is committed to contribute $39 million to fund more than 300 walking and cycling projects across NSW.

The walking projects will be funded from the Walking Communities programs through 100 per cent and partnership funding arrangements. The programs will improve walking through the delivery of improved pedestrian crossing facilities and enhanced connections.

For cycling, projects will be funded under the Priority Cycleways, Cycling Towns and Connecting Centre programs. The NSW Government funding into cycling will assist to roll out a further 110 kilometres of on-road and off-road cycle routes.

The list of approved walking and cycling projects to be delivered during the 2016-17 financial year are:

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