New Dubbo Bridge

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for a new bridge across the Macquarie River in Dubbo.

A new bridge would improve freight efficiency on the Newell Highway, reduce traffic congestion and provide an alternative route during flooding events and maintenance work on existing bridges.

Aerial view of the existing Macquarie River crossings in Dubbo

Updates and announcements

June 2017

Roads and Maritime Services has identified the River Street option as the preferred route.

The River Street option would continue from Thompson Street, near the Newell Highway, along a new road and follow the western river bank travelling north. It would then cross the river to connect to the Newell Highway near River Street in north Dubbo.

The preferred route has been selected for a new bridge to cross the Macquarie River at Dubbo to improve freight efficiency on the Newell Highway, reduce traffic congestion and provide an alternative route during flood events.

Building the new Dubbo Bridge will remove heavy vehicles crossing the Serisier Bridge and associated congestion in North Dubbo. In particular the new Dubbo Bridge will significantly reduce delays between east and west Dubbo during a flood when Serisier Bridge is closed where delays of one hour or more were experienced in the 2010 flood.

The project will also reduce peak hour traffic delays currently being experienced at the Newell and Mitchell Highway intersection by upgrading the intersection from a roundabout to traffic lights.

The project provides a third river crossing in Dubbo and will also improve access to future development in west Dubbo.

Aside from improving local traffic flow and safety, the River Street option will improve freight efficiency and productivity for the Newell Highway for double road trains, B-triples and AB triples, through Dubbo.”

The River Street route was chosen by Roads and Maritime Services based on extensive community consultation and specialist studies.

The River Street crossing was found to be the best choice from an environmental and community view point out of the three northern options that were shortlisted following a stakeholder workshop in September 2016. .

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will now begin work on the concept design and environmental approvals with the community and stake holders, including Dubbo Regional Council, having the opportunity to provide feedback next year.

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