Eurella Initial Seal Project, Cobb Highway

The Eurella Initial Seal project will seal more than 10 kilometres of the Cobb Highway north of Ivanhoe in the Central Darling Shire, to reduce maintenance and decrease travel disruption.

Roadwork underway on the Cobb Highway at Eurella
Roadwork underway on the Cobb Highway at Eurella

Updates and announcements

March 2017

The work to upgrade this section of the Cobb Highway has experienced some wet weather delays and is expected to be completed in September 2017, weather permitting.

The work being carried out includes filling and compaction of the new road surface.

A third work crew been assigned to speed up the process, so that the project can be completed in September this year.

The temporary 11 kilometre road on the eastern side of the Cobb Highway is operational 24 hours a day and motorists are advised the speed limit is 60km/h on this road.

Project background

This project will improve flood immunity and provide an all-weather, more durable road surface for local residents and highway traffic. This will allow safe, efficient and more reliable journeys for travellers.

This section of the Cobb Highway currently cannot be accessed during wet weather because of the unsealed road surface. In prolonged dry periods, corrugations also become hazardous for road users. The excessive dust caused by traffic reduces visibility and also significantly impacts the health of road users.

The majority of this section of road uses causeways rather than box drains for drainage. When water flows over the causeways, the Cobb Highway is closed, stopping traffic completely and impacting local businesses and tourism.

Higher productivity vehicles like B-doubles and road trains have limited access to the road which impacts the overall efficiency of the local freight system.

These unsealed sections of the Cobb Highway also require frequent maintenance resulting in disruption to traffic. The frequent maintenance is expensive and also causes environmental degradation from sediment runoff.

Project objectives

The project will provide:

  • A new flexible road surface with a 20 year design life
  • A road surface above the level of the surrounding land so it is less impacted by wet weather.

Key features

The Eurella initial seal project will:

  • Provide an all-weather, more durable road surface to enable safe, efficient and more reliable trips for local residents and road users
  • Improve travel times and the reliability of travel during wet weather events
  • Improve liveability for local residents
  • Support economic growth and productivity for the region by improving access for freight vehicles and using local service providers where possible
  • Improve safety and security by reducing the risk of breakdowns, head on collisions and loss of control crashes
  • Significantly improve access to remote communities
  • Improve efficient routes for trucks
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

The Roadworks Contractor for the project is the Central Darling Shire Council (CDSC).

Community engagement

A Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan has been developed for this project. It describes the communication and consultation approach and activities to keep key stakeholders and the community informed during the work.

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