Guanna Hill realignment

The improvements at Guanna Hill, about 21 kilometres north of Orange, will upgrade and realign over 7 kilometres of the Mitchell Highway near Molong. This work will improve safety, travel times and provide a smoother road surface for road users.

Guanna Hill realignment (March 2018)
Guanna Hill realignment (March 2018)
Old alignment at Guanna Hill (2016)
Old alignment at Guanna Hill (2016)

Updates and announcements

Work nears completion at Guanna Hill as part of the Mitchell Highway upgrade with the new road now built

September 2018

Work continues at Guanna Hill as part of the Mitchell Highway upgrade. The seven kilometre upgrade is nearing completion with traffic now moved onto the entire project length of the new road. Final work including landscaping, work to property access and intersections and signage is being completed on the new Highway. Once finished, speed will be increased to 100km/h along the highway.

This section of the Mitchell Highway is the final stretch of road to be upgraded along this route, and is known for its tight curves and limited overtaking opportunities.

The Guanna Hill upgrade is critical to the community, with a large number of residents commuting to work daily between Molong and Orange.

We thank motorists for their patience while this important work is being carried out and remind all road users to please obey speed limits and drive safely.

Project background

The Mitchell Highway forms part of the Sydney to Dubbo corridor. It is an important route for freight and livestock transporters, local commuters, tourism operators, caravanners and holiday makers.

A large number of people commute daily between Molong and Orange for employment and recreational activities. Heavy vehicles make up to about 16 per cent of the daily traffic.

This narrow section of the highway has a high crash rate, no overtaking opportunities, many tight curves and a rough road surface.

The Sydney to Dubbo corridor strategy 2007 identified continuing safety improvements as a short term priority in rural locations on the Mitchell Highway.

Project objectives

The project objectives include:

  • Realigning the Mitchell Highway to include an overtaking lane to bring the highway up to 100 km/h standard.
  • Reducing travel times.
  • Providing a smooth road surface.
  • Improving safety by reducing the crash rate.

Key features

Key features of the Guanna Hill realignment include:

  • Construction of 7.2 kilometres of two-lane, two way rural road with a 100 km/h posted speed limit
  • Provision of 3.5 metre wide lanes and two metre wide sealed shoulders (one metre when next to the overtaking lane)
  • Provision of a 1.6 kilometre eastbound overtaking lane at the southern end of the road
  • Protected right turn bays at the Strathmore Lane and Guanna Hill Lane intersections.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime Services is continuing consultation with affected residents and road users.

What types of issues has the community been consulted on?

The community has discussed many issues, including: 

  • Local school bus collection points during and after construction.
  • Local and access roads.
  • Property acquisitions.
  • Noise and vibration levels during construction.
  • Environmental issues.
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