The design

How has the design been developed?

The design has been developed following:

  • Community feedback
  • Meetings with business owners
  • Analysis of traffic flows, movements and traffic patterns
  • Meetings with council officers
  • Review of Environmental Factors.

Roads and Maritime Services has:

  • Collected traffic data (March 2011) on the highway
  • Completed detailed ground survey of property boundaries and utility services
  • Mapped land use, landscape, pedestrian access and utility locations
  • Met with council to discuss future development area plans to estimate future traffic growth on the highway
  • Completed a pedestrian mobility access study
  • Prepared urban design and landscape plans
  • Refined the width of the proposed raised median and pedestrian/cycle paths.

The  design includes:

  • An additional two lanes to improve traffic flow and relieve existing congestion on the highway
  • A concrete median to separate opposing lanes of traffic. This would reduce the number of rear-end crashes by controlling where people can turn right. Most right hand turns would no longer be possible. Left turns in and out of side roads and driveways are retained
  • New pedestrian and cyclist access along both sides of the highway, and across the highway
  • Improved landscaping to enhance the visual appeal of the eastern gateway to Bathurst
  • Duplication of Boyd Creek Bridge
  • Upgraded intersections, as follows:
    • Stockland Drive - new traffic lights and u-turn bay to provide safer traffic turns onto highway
    • Boyd Street – new protected right turn bay providing all traffic turning movements
    • Gilmour Street – upgraded pedestrian crossing and intersection kerbs to allow heavy vehicles to turn safely
    • View Street – new protected right turn bay for right turn into View Street. Left-in and left-out turns would not change, but no right turn out
    • Pat O'Leary Drive – new traffic lights and protected right turn bays for east and west bound traffic
    • New, large roundabouts at Littlebourne Street and Ashworth Drive to allow drivers to access premises on either side of the road
  • Relocation of the bus stop on the north side near Boyd Street to the east to the end of the footway. Southside bus stop will stay near the current location
  • All power lines would be relocated underground
  • Two new pedestrian refuge crossings. One at the end of the footway opposite the takeaway shop, and the second near the Boyd Creek Bridge opposite the fruit and vegetable shop
  • Right turn bay for eastbound traffic at Devro at the new driveway on the east side of the property
  • Right turn bay for westbound traffic at Bathurst Supa Centre (near Harvey Norman)
  • Roadside tree planting between Littlebourne Street and Ashworth Drive
  • Entrance to Bathurst signs on the new roundabouts at Littlebourne Street and Ashworth Drive
  • Low plantings on new roundabouts at Littlebourne Street and Ashworth Drive
  • New retaining walls and fences for some properties. All retaining walls facing the highway are proposed to be built using Bathurst heritage bricks.
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