Trewilga - Newell Highway realignment

The proposed improvements at Trewilga will upgrade and realign 6.5 kilometres of the Newell Highway north of Parkes. The proposed work extends from 36.7 to 43.1 kilometres north of Parkes. It will address safety concerns for this section of the highway.

Newell Highway, Trewilga

Updates and announcements

January 2018 - $36 million upgrade on the Newell Highway at Trewilga on track

Work continues at Trewilga between Parkes and Peak Hill with construction progressing well. There are some changes in traffic conditions with traffic control in place, reduced speed limits and the final traffic switch to start from Thursday 18 January.

This section of the Newell Highway is another key freight route the NSW Government is investing in to improve the efficiency of the state’s freight movement.

The work involves building another Northbound over taking lane, widening the road and a truck parking area to ensure this important freight route allows trucks to move as efficiently as possible.

Work is on track with current completion due in early 2018, weather permitting.

Project background

The Newell Highway extends from the Victorian border to the Queensland border and is an important link for freight movements. Heavy vehicles make up about 31 per cent of traffic along this section of the highway with the majority being 26 metre B-doubles. The volume of heavy vehicle traffic is expected to increase annually.

The majority of the Newell Highway has a posted speed limit of 110 km/h. The section of the highway at Trewilga is currently posted at 100 km/h and this upgrade will bring this section up to 110 km/h.

The current situation results in reduced travel speeds and increased travel time.

Project objectives

The project aims to improve the safety of the highway for road users and address the high casualty crash rate along this section. It will also upgrade the 'missing link' along the Newell by raising the speed limit from 100 km/h to 110 km/h. Trewilga is currently the only rural section of road between Forbes and Gilgandra that has a speed limit of 100 km/h.

Key features

  • A new alignment for about 3.2 kilometres
  • Widening of the current highway to allow a 1.2 metre wide centreline and increase the width of sealed shoulders
  • A bus turning area at Baldry Peak Hill Road
  • A northbound 1.3 kilometre overtaking lane
  • Truck parking areas on the eastern side of the highway.

Community engagement

The community has participated in a two-way exchange of information with Roads and Maritime Services about the Trewilga realignment project.

How has the community been kept informed?

Roads and Maritime staff had one-on-one meetings with affected residents and held staffed displays at the Peak Hill Services Club in May 2012 and Peak Hill Community hall in November 2016.

What types of issues has the community been consulted on?

The community has discussed many issues thus far, including:

  • The protection of the Trewilga Cemetery
  • Access for local school bus routes during and after construction
  • Local and access roads
  • Property acquisitions
  • Impacts on the rail corridor
  • Noise and vibration levels during construction.
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