Vale Road upgrade at Perthville

The NSW Government is planning a $3 million upgrade of Vale Road, Perthville, to provide a stronger and longer lasting road, improve safety for road users and reduce future maintenance costs.

Vale Road, north of Perthville
Vale Road, north of Perthville

Project Update

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) was prepared to assess the potential impacts of the proposal and actions to reduce them. The REF found that the proposal would not significantly affect the environment or the community with the implementation of identified mitigation measures.

The REF was displayed for community comment in February 2018. Four submissions were received, all submissions supported the proposal. The main issues raised in the submissions include:

  • A request for an unbroken line at the northern end of the proposal
  • Consideration of the impact of road closures during construction which may affect planned cycling events
  • Consideration to the methods of tree removal and limb pruning

As there were no submissions which required the project design to be altered, the project will begin construction in mid-April.

submissions report summarising the comments made and a response to each issue is on display from 16 April to 30 April.

We will keep the community updated as the project is constructed.  


Vale Road north of Perthville is rough, narrow and in need of an upgrade.

The proposed upgrade includes resurfacing and strengthening 1.7 kilometres of road from the railway crossing in Perthville to 750 metres east of Hen and Chicken Lane.

The project area includes the elm trees which form a tunnel effect on approach to Perthville.

We understand the significance of the elm trees within the community and the project seeks to balance improving safety and road conditions with maintaining the surrounding landscape.

The proposed upgrade has been designed to avoid impacts to the tunnel of elm trees but three trees will need to be removed within the tunnel to enable the road widening. A further three trees are proposed to be removed outside of the tunnel.

The proposed design, which avoids significant impact to the tunnel of elm trees and to parking in Perthville, was placed on public display at a number of locations in October 2017 and was supported by the majority of community members and stakeholders.

The REF for the project proposal was placed on public display in February 2018. The REF found that the proposal would not significantly affect the environment or the community with the implementation of identified mitigation measures. Four submissions were received from the community. The project design has not been altered by the submissions received.

View or download the submission report.

Project benefits

  • longer lasting, smoother and stronger road
  • improved safety for road users by providing wider travel lanes and sealed road shoulders
  • improved drainage and reduced maintenance costs.

Next steps

Construction will begin in April, with early works such as site preparation carried out in mid-April and road work to begin later in the month, weather permitting. We will continue to liaise with impacted stakeholders and the Perthville community during the construction period for the road upgrade. We thank for community for their feedback over the past six months.

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