Long title - appears top centre on the page.

The page summary is a short intro to the page. It is used at the top of the page, so that it appears just after the long title. It appears as large, dark grey text.

Test link

Test link

Heading 2 (first)

Standard paragraph text. This can include bolded text and italic text (although note that italics should be used very sparingly).

Heading 3

More text.

Paragraph elements can also include lists:

  • Bulleted list
    • With sub items
  • Another bullet.

Heading 4

More text.

You can also include numbered lists:

  1. First point
  2. Second point
  3. Third point
    1. Third point, sub item. If you need the numbering to change at this level in a list (eg to a. or i. type list markers), contact the Digital Content Team for help.

Special text style - Info Panel

This special text format provides a pale yellow background and an orange top border on your text. It includes the option of adding an image to the left of the text, and a link to more information.

You can also include an optional image, which will sit to the left of the text.

Unlike most other elements, you may need to use HTML code to format text in an Info Panel, so talk to the Digital Content Team for advice and help.

Link to more information about Special text style - Info Panel

Full width image

This kind of image spreads across the available space. For a page with a right hand column, a full width image should be a maximum of 630px wide. For a page without a right hand column, it can be up to 815px wide.

You must include alt text for any image which conveys meaning - WCAG requirement.
Optional caption - it is best practice however to include a caption. FYI this image is 630px wide.
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