Key Roads Performance Report

Roads and Maritime is researching ways to improve the Key Roads Performance Report to improve its readability and accuracy. Should you require more detailed information on travel times or journeys, please contact


The Key Roads Performance Report gives the community a way to take greater control of how they use NSW roads. It allows people to plan their journey, showing how long it will take to travel some of the most commonly used routes during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

Key roads performance report cover


The report offers a service to road users, helping them to better use the roads. It demystifies the most popular journeys in NSW by stating how long it will take to reach a destination. It’s a simple but effective service to provide customers with the information they need to get to their destination as quickly as possible. A person who regularly takes the same journey would be familiar with traffic patterns, but this tool provides a snapshot of alternative routes for motorists to consider.

What routes are included

The first report includes 114 routes in Sydney metropolitan and suburban areas and in Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast. As future reports are produced, the opportunity exists for routes to be refined or for more routes to be included. Roads and Maritime Services will continue to listen and work with its customers so that the Key Roads Performance Report can evolve.

How is the report compiled

The report is developed primarily using GPS data which is continually collected from fleet vehicles and data collected from roadside traffic counters. Information was collected for the first report using information from weekdays, excluding public holidays, from the previous three months
For each journey, this report provides the travel time during the AM and PM peak periods and a detailed description of the journey.