Safety check fees

All fees effective 1 July 2014

Current Safety Check fees for light vehicles

This table shows the current maximum fee for the most common inspection types. For full details of other inspection fees, please see AIS Notice 18.


Vehicle Safety Check (formerly pink slip)Total fee (inc GST)
Light vehicle$37.40
Trailer without brakes$20.20
Trailer with brakes$29.50
Safety and Identity Check (formerly blue slip)Total fee (inc GST)
Light vehicle$60.50
Trailer without brakes$30.90
Trailer with brakes$43.10


What is a light vehicle?

Light vehicles are inspected at an Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) station.

A light vehicle is any vehicle under 5 tonnes tare without power brakes (not including prime movers) including:

  • Cars and light commercial vehicles up to 5 tonne tare except vehicles fitted with power operated brakes.

  • Motorcycles, including motorcycles with sidecars.

  • Light trailers or caravans with a Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) up to 2.0 tonnes without breakaway brakes.

  • Buses up to 2.5 tonnes tare.

Heavy vehicle inspection fees

Please see AIS Notice 18 (page 4) for the list of heavy vehicle inspection fees.

What is a heavy vehicle?

A heavy vehicle is inspected at a Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Scheme (HVAIS) station.

A heavy vehicle is:

  • Rigid trucks 4.5 tonne GVM
  • Buses over 2.5 tonnes tare
  • Tow trucks
  • Prime movers
  • Trailers over 2 tonnes GTM (including tow truck trailers)
  • Any trailer fitted with breakaway brakes

More information

Your renewal notice will state whether you need an inspection. If you are not sure what type of inspection you need, phone Roads & Maritime Services on 13 22 13.