Displaying plates, rego stickers and warning labels

Number plates

Number plate basics

All vehicles registered in NSW must have official number plates mounted and clearly displayed at the front and rear. Motorcycles and trailers only need to have number plates on the rear.

The plates must match the details on the vehicle's Certificate of Registration.

Note: Vehicles not displaying number plates may be unregistered (see Driving unregistered vehicles) or may be subject to a sanction under the Vehicle Sanctions Scheme (see Street racing and other 'hoon' offences).

Custom number plates

Standard NSW number plates have black characters on a yellow background. However, you can have different colours and number/letter combinations on custom number plates.

If you'd like to know more about the costs, choices and possibilities of custom number plates, visit myPlates.

Auxiliary plates

If the rear number plate of your vehicle is obscured by a bike or bike rack, you must fit a special 'auxiliary number-plate', which is a smaller copy of the vehicle number plate.

Auxiliary plates have the same number/letter combination as your vehicle's registration, but they are only available as black characters on a white background. You can order auxiliary plates from a registry, by calling 13 22 13 or online at myPlates.

Storing number plates

If you want to cancel your registration (for example because you'll be overseas) but want to keep the same number plates, they must be stored at a registry. You'll need to take your plates to a registry with your Certificate of Registration and proof of identity.

There is an annual storage fee, plus any annual fees that may be payable.

Number plate prices

Number plate prices vary with the extent of customisation, beginning with a set of standard black-on-yellow plates. The Number Plate Price List details many more options and prices for you, or visit myPlates.

Registration stickers

From 1 January 2013, registration stickers for light vehicles (including motorcycles and trailers) up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) are abolished. See No more rego stickers for light vehicles for more information.

If your vehicle requires a registration sticker, it should be stuck on the inside of the lower-left portion of the front windscreen or on a fixed glass panel on the left-hand side of your vehicle.

For vehicles where it is not possible or practical to attach the sticker to the windscreen or a window, the label should be affixed on or adjacent to the vehicle's rear number plate without obscuring the vehicle's number plate characters.

Suitable holders may be purchased from most automotive retail suppliers. Please note that the holder should not obscure the label in any way.

Warning labels for LPG and CNG fuelled vehicles

If you have a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuelled vehicle, you are legally required to have an approved reflective label displayed on your vehicle's front and rear number plates to provide a visual warning of the risk to emergency services workers of potential explosion.

Labels are affixed to number plates by authorised Autogas installers. If your number plates are replaced you must ensure that the new number plates display the approved LPG or CNG label. Label kits are available from authorised Autogas installers.
See the LPG Australia website for more information about suppliers and installers.