Vehicle safety check

To renew your registration, you may need to get a safety check.

If your renewal notice says 'inspection required' you will require a safety check at an authorised safety check station. However, if you change your registration term it may impact on inspection requirements. Contact Roads and Maritime on 13 2213 for information or see the Short term registration inspection table.

Most vehicles more than five years old must pass an annual safety check, trailers weighing less than 250kg do not need to be inspected.

If your vehicle PASSES the safety check:

  1. The authorised station will send an electronic safety check report to Roads and Maritime Services.
  2. Ensure you have purchased a green slip.
  3. Renew your registration by mail, phone, online, or at a motor registry.

If your vehicle FAILS the safety check:

  1. The safety check station will issue you with a repairs needed report (previously white slip). This report details the parts of your vehicle that need to be repaired.
  2. Make all the required repairs within 14 days of the repairs needed report issue date.
    • If you do not make all the required repairs within the 14 day period your repairs needed report will expire. You will need to return to a safety check station and to get another safety check – a new safety check fee will apply.
  3. Get your repairs checked.
    • NOTE: If you return to the same safety check station to have the repairs checked - no additional safety check fees will apply. If you do not return to the same safety check station you will be charged a new safety check fee.
  4. If the repairs have been checked and the repairs needed report is cleared, your vehicle will pass the safety check.
  5. Once the safety check is passed, you can renew your registration.

Got your green slip and safety check?

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