Buying a vehicle

Before you buy a vehicle

Before you buy a vehicle, you should:

  • Check the registration and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance details of the vehicle.
    • Online 
    • Over the phone by calling Roads and Maritime Services on 13 22 13.
  • Conduct an online search of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to see if there is any money owing on the vehicle, or if the vehicle has been reported stolen.
  • Note: If the vehicle has no number plates, it may be subject to a sanction under the Vehicle Sanctions Scheme - see Street racing and other 'hoon' offences for information.

Tools to help you choose your next car

Transferring registration

You must transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of the vehicle coming into your possession or management.

You can transfer your registration:

For more information see how to transfer your registration 

You may need to pay:

  • Transfer fee.
  • Stamp duty (unless exempt).
  • Additional motor vehicle tax (or national heavy vehicle charges) if you have bought your vehicle from someone receiving a Roads and Maritime Services concession (such as a pensioner) and you are not eligible for that concession.
  • Late transfer surcharge. A surcharge will be applied to customers who fail to transfer the registration within 14 days of the date of acquisition.

If you have an E-Tag you should also update your number plate details with your tag provider.

Transferring Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

A vehicle's existing CTP insurance (green slip) will be automatically transferred when the registration is transferred. You don't need to do anything about CTP insurance until the registration is due for renewal.