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History of Hume Highway

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A Short History of the Hume Highway

Mid-2013: 9.5 km Holbrook Bypass opened completing the duplication of the Hume Highway.

2007: Wodonga becomes last Victorian section to be duplicated.

2007: Tarcutta truck changeover facility opened.

2006: Higher Mass Limits (HML) introduced.

1986: B-Double heavy vehicles commence operation on the Hume Highway.

1979: Truck blockade on Razorback Range.

1974: Passing of the National Roads Act with the Federal Government assuming full responsibility for construction of National Highways.

1970: Dual carriageway north of Goulburn.

1967: The last single-lane bridge on the Hume Highway eliminated.

1961: Union Bridge over the Murray River opened.

1961: The first 4 lane modern freeway standard section was completed in Victoria at Craigieburn.

1959: First curve advisory speed signs.

1954/55: Route 31 signs erected over the full length of the Hume Highway.

1954: Commencement of the Remembrance Driveway project in NSW.

1940: Hume Highway now fully sealed.

1932: Dog on the Tucker Box monument erected north of Gundagai.

1931: Lorry checking station built at Marulan.

1928: Government Gazette N0 110 proclaimed the Great Southern Road as a State Highway, giving it the name 'Hume Highway'.

1922: The song 'The Road to Gundagai' first published.

May 1900: Melbourne mechanic Herbert Thomson completed the first vehicular trip between Sydney and Melbourne.

1896: Concrete arch bridge at Black Bobs Creek in NSW opened.

1884: Mr A. Edward completed the first bicycle ride from Sydney to Melbourne.

1867: Prince Alfred Bridge over the Murrumbidgee River at Gundagai opened. It was the first iron truss road bridge to be built in NSW and remains in use.

1860: First bridge across Murray River.

1858: The Great Southern Road, proclaimed as one of the three main roads in the NSW Colony.

1851: Victoria becomes separate colony.

1838: Albury surveyed and declared the official Murray River crossing place.

1836-1842: Towrang Stockade housed up to 250 convicts engaged in the construction of the Great Southern Road.

1836: First settlements in Albury Wodonga area.

1836: Ten Mile Creek (later Germanton, later Holbrook) founded.

1836: Lennox's stone arch bridge over Prospect Creek, Lansdowne opened and remains in use.

1835: Melbourne founded.

3 October 1824: Hamilton Hume and William Hovell began their southward exploration and reached the coast near Geelong on 16 December 1824.

1819: Governor Macquarie ordered the construction of a 'cart road' to the Goulburn area.

1805: The first road leading southward from Sydney, population 3163.

1788: Sydney founded.