Raising and lowering vehicles

VSI 50 was originally written to provide guidance to vehicle owners and modifiers about how to ensure their vehicles remain safe when being raised or lowered.

It was developed by an expert working group, comprised on the (then) RTA, industry and peak user groups. Rather than introduce it as a unique NSW policy document, it was decided to refer VSI 50 to an appropriate national forum to consider adopting it nationally. This has not yet occurred. Before any consideration is given to the introduction of VSI 50 it will be subject to further consultation through the Vehicle Standards Working Group.

Guidance on raising and lowering light vehicles is currently given in section LS in VSB 14. If VSI 50 is finalised it can also be used as guidance material.

Enquiries may be directed to 1300 137 302 or by email to Technical.Enquiries@rms.nsw.gov.au.

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