Light vehicle exemptions - non compliant light vehicles

A NSW registered light vehicle (ie a vehicle that is not a heavy vehicle) must comply with the 'applicable vehicle standards' specified in Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulations 2017.

Exemptions to the NSW registration requirements for a light vehicle may be requested in writing from the Manager Vehicle Standards and Investigations in accordance with Clause 11E of Schedule 2 to the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017.

However, please note that there must be a valid reason for the exemption request.

Such exemptions are generally only granted for vehicles modified for people with physical disabilities, and for glider trailers for excessive rear overhang limited to 5 metres.

Light vehicles modified for people with a disability

The licenced certifier you engage to supply a compliance certificate for your modified light vehicle needs to advise you on what applicable vehicle standards your vehicle may no longer comply with. The usual cases involve the de-activation of a knee airbag or Original Equipment Manufacturer seat with airbag replaced by specialised seats for persons with limited movement.

You can request an exemption by submitting a Request for document from Vehicle Standards and Investigations.

You will need to provide the following documents as a minimum (further documentation may also be required):

  • Copy of the Certificate of Registration for the vehicle
  • Copy of your driver licence if you are the registered operator (or if you are a representative, authorisation to act on behalf of the registered operator)
  • Supporting evidence for example: assessments from an occupational therapist or medical practitioner. VSI 21 Vehicles modified for people with disabilities also applies
  • A supporting statement from a VSCCS licensed certifier detailing the modifications and indicating which applicable vehicle standard your light vehicle needs exemption from (for example: the applicable vehicle standard, Australian Design Rule clause etc.).

Glider trailer exemptions

The Glider Trailer Exemption for a glider trailer with excessive rear overhang covers all light glider trailers that have excessive rear overhang outside the registration requirements, up to 5.0 metres.

The exemption may only be used for a class of vehicle that is a 'glider trailer' as defined in the glider trailer exemption.

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