Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • The trial aims to find out if mobile pink slip inspections can be delivered in a safe and effective way to improve convenience and flexibility for customers.
  • The mobile pink slip trial has been extended for another seven months until June 2019. Roads and Maritime Services completed a six month trial for mobile pink slip inspections (29 May to November 2018) and has extended the trial to help determine whether a mobile pink slip service would improve customer flexibility as well as be practical for safety inspectors.
  • The fee for the pink slip will remain the same for a light vehicle $41, motorcycle $23, trailer with no brakes $21, trailer with brakes $32.

    An examiner cannot charge more than the above amounts for the inspection.

    A call out/travel fee can be charged by the examiner as long as it's separate to the inspection fee and clearly explained/negotiated in advance with the customer.

  • Mobile pink slip inspections can be conducted on cars, motorcycles and trailers (including caravans).
  • Please make direct contact with a participating provider, agree a call out fee, identify a safe and suitable area for the inspection and a suitable time for the inspection.
  • Authorised provider details for the trial are listed on the NSW Roads and Maritime Services website. If there is not a provider listed in your zone, you will not be able to participate in the trial. See list of authorised providers.

    The trial will cover the Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Sydney (metro), Central Coast,Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Cessnock and Maitland ONLY.

  • The trial is available in limited areas, near Roads and Maritime compliance resources, so that we’re able to monitor mobile service delivery.
  • Examiners for the trial are currently operating from fixed inspection stations and as such meet Roads and Maritime requirements as suitable persons for conducting this service, as well as competent to conduct a thorough inspection as per their safety check standards.
  • Roads and Maritime Services conducted an Expression of Interest to select proprietors and their nominated examiners for the mobile Pink Slip trial.

    We are unable to accept any further proprietors into the trial. If you are an examiner working for a listed proprietor, please contact the proprietor to ask about participating.

  • Yes, examiners conducting a mobile inspection must submit the inspection report electronically meaning as soon as the inspection report is completed, the vehicle’s registration records will immediately reflect that a pink slip has been issued.
  • No. The service provider should discuss with you when booking the inspection: how payment will be made, where the inspection will take place, how you will receive a copy of the pink slip and brake test result (if relevant) and to set clear expectations on access to the vehicle if you are not going to be present for the inspection.
  • You can arrange a time and location that suits you. For example, your vehicle could be inspected at your workplace, at home or where your caravan is stored, as long as the inspection site is safe and suitable and inside one of the trial zones.
  • An inspection report (pink slip) is required to renew the registration of light vehicle older than five years to ensure the vehicle complies with safety standards (unless the vehicle is exempt from inspection).
  • No. If your vehicle requires repairs in order to pass inspection, you are free to book this work with any suitably qualified service provider.

    If any defects are identified in the first inspection, the necessary repairs are to be carried out within 14 days and a second inspection will follow.

  • Roads and Maritime has developed a robust compliance plan. We will monitor mobile inspection activities for a proportion of vehicles; for example, tracking where brake tests are conducted, and checking that inspection locations were suitably assessed. A proportion of vehicles will also be randomly inspected by Roads and Maritime staff to ensure the inspection report reflects the condition of the vehicle.
  • Roads and Maritime will assess the trial based on feedback from customers, service providers and compliance data. We will then be able to advise the government on the feasibility of a state wide mobile pink slip scheme.
  • Absolutely, in fact Roads and Maritime need your feedback to assist with the evaluation of the trial.

    If you have had your vehicle inspected by an authorised mobile pink slip examiner, please submit your feedback here - you will need your inspection report number to complete the survey.

  • Please contact Roads and Maritime by sending an email to

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