Heavy vehicle offences

Heavy vehicle speeding

Following an increase in heavy vehicle accidents and fatalities in NSW, Roads and Maritime Services has introduced new ways to tackle the issue of speeding heavy vehicles. The reforms aim to make NSW roads safer for everyone by improving the behaviour of drivers and encouraging operators to take more responsibility for realistic schedules and vehicle speeds.

Slowing down saves lives and your life

Catching up with speeding heavy vehicles...

  • Increased penalties for damaged, obscured or tampered number plates
  • Bi-directional speed cameras - vehicles can now be photographed from the front and back
  • Heavy Vehicle Rating System - all road offences will be centralised so that both repeat driver and operator offenders can be identified.

Heavy vehicle offences and penalties

Heavy vehicle operators and drivers are now subject to the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

See the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website for information on penalties, infringements and demerit points under the national law.

Over-dimension offences on non-approved roads

From 1 August 2013, if a heavy vehicle travels on a NSW road, tunnel or bridge which has a dimension restriction and the vehicle is over-dimension for that road, Roads and Maritime Services may suspend registration for up to three months and fines apply to the driver. If, as a result of the over-dimension offence the heavy vehicle has caused an accident, danger or obstruction to traffic, an effect to public amenity or any damage to road infrastructure, registration will be suspended. Maximum fine of $2,200 applies.

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