You should be especially alert when driving on a motorway because traffic travels at high speed.

Please note: where motorways are mentioned, this also refers to freeways.

Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel, oil and water for the journey and that the tyre pressures are correct.

Bicycle riders are allowed to travel on motorways unless prohibited by signs.

Joining the motorway

The approach to a motorway is usually from a road on the left. Watch for a gap then increase your speed to safely merge with the traffic.

Motorway keep left sign

Driving on the motorway

Once on the motorway, stay in the left lane unless overtaking.

If there are three lanes and the left lane has many vehicles travelling at a slower speed than you, stay in the middle lane. After you have passed them, you should return to the left lane. The right lane is generally reserved for overtaking so move out of it as soon as it is safe to do so.

Motorway emergency stopping lane sign

When driving on a motorway you must:

  • Not stop except in an emergency (if you have to stop,
    move to the emergency lane, breakdown lane or
  • Not make a U-turn or reverse.

If you miss your exit, continue travelling on the motorway
until you reach the next one.

Leaving the motorway

Make sure you:

  • Move to the lane closest to the exit in plenty of time
  • Give a signal and reduce your speed
  • Check your speed to ensure you are not going too fast to make a safe exit.
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