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Questions and answers about the Mobility Parking Scheme.

Mobility Parking Scheme

  • Parking concessions under the Mobility Parking Scheme are only offered at on-street and council-operated car parks. If you park in metered, coupon or ticket parking areas operated by councils, no charge applies.

    Car parks that operate behind boom gates are privately operated. No concessions apply in these areas.

    See Parking concessions for more information.

  • No. If you’re applying for an individual or temporary permit, you must attend a registry or service centre in person. See Applying for a permit for information.

    Almost all registries and service centres have wheelchair access. If necessary, you can make an appointment with your local registry or service centre for a convenient time to have your photo taken.

    Only organisations applying for a permit may mail in their applications.

  • Permits can be issued to eligible people from three years of age.
  • You can be issued with an additional permit if you have a registered open-style vehicle (such as a convertible, motorcycle or motor tricycle) in addition to a standard vehicle (such as a sedan). This allows you to permanently fix one permit to the open-style vehicle for security purposes and carry the other permit in the usual way.
  • Yes. You can apply for a replacement permit if your current permit has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. See replacing your permit for information.
  • No. When you replace a permit, the old one is revoked and cannot be displayed in a vehicle. You should return the old one to Roads and Maritime Services, so it can be securely destroyed. See replacing your permit for information.
  • Mobility parking stickers with the slogans BEING LAZY IS NOT A DISABILITY and RUNNING LATE IS NOT A DISABILITY

    Unfortunately, you may sometimes see someone drive their car into a disabled space. They may think that’s OK because they’ll only be a minute, however they may not realise the effect this has on people with mobility disabilities.

    Brochures on the correct use of spaces designated for people with disabilities are available from any registry or Service NSW centre. Place the tear-off reminder in a prominent position on the vehicle, ensuring you do not damage the vehicle in any way, or obstruct the driver’s view.

    You can also report suspected misuse of Mobility Parking permits. See Mobility Parking Scheme cheats for more information.

Australian Disability Parking Permits

  • This is a common, Australia-wide design for disability parking permits. In NSW, you need to display both the Australian Disability Parking Permit (large purple card) and your NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit (licence-style card). See Australian Disability Parking Permit and displaying your permit for more information.
  • No. You’ll be issued an Australian Disability Parking Permit in addition to your NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit. There is no additional charge for the Australian permit.
  • No. It’s a breach of the conditions of use to display a NSW permit without the Australian permit.
  • You can’t apply for an Australian Disability Parking Permit. It’s only issued in conjunction with a NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit. See Applying for a permit for information on how to apply for a NSW permit.
  • No. There are no differences in eligibility.
  • No. There are no changes to NSW parking concessions with this permit.

Interstate and overseas

  • Yes. All Australian states and territories participate in the Australian Disability Parking Scheme, so you can use your NSW permit elsewhere, as long as it’s valid and current.
  • Yes, provided it’s valid and current.

Fitness to drive

  • Roads and Maritime Services has a responsibility to ensure that all NSW licence holders are medically fit to drive. If you hold a NSW driver/rider licence and you apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme permit, you’ll be asked to prove your medical fitness to drive by providing a medical report.
  • You only need to prove your fitness to drive if you want to renew your temporary Mobility Parking Scheme permit, which means you’ll hold the permit for more than six consecutive months.

    If you need your temporary Mobility Parking Scheme permit for less than six months, you don’t need to prove your fitness to drive.

  • The following people have to provide a medical report:
    • Anybody applying for the issue, reissue, renewal or replacement of a NSW licence (including interstate and overseas licence transfers), who already has a Mobility Parking Scheme permit and is not already subject to medical review
    • Anybody applying for the issue or renewal of a Mobility Parking Scheme permit who holds a NSW licence and is not already subject to medical review, or whose licence does not have a D (uses a disability aid), R (medical) or V (vehicle modification) condition.
  • No. If you agree, we’ll add a condition to your licence (R019), give you a printed General Medical Assessment Report form, and issue your Mobility Parking Scheme permit. Depending on which location you attend, your card will either be handed over the counter or posted to you. If it’s posted, you cannot access disabled parking spaces or parking concessions until you receive your permit in the mail.

    You’ll need to take the General Medical Assessment Report form to your doctor to complete, and then return it to Roads and Maritime within eight weeks. If you don’t return the form within eight weeks, your licence will be suspended.

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