Organisation permits

Organisations that provide transport to people who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for a Mobility Parking Scheme permit.

About organisation permits

Organisation permits can only be used when parking a vehicle that’s transporting an eligible person. The permits must not be used for any other purpose, even though it may be for the benefit of an eligible person, for example, when the employees of an organisation are visiting eligible clients or undertaking errands on their behalf.

Organisation permits are issued for five years.

Disability parking permits issued in NSW consist of a NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit and an Australian Disability Parking Permit. You must use them together, to continue accessing disability parking concessions. See Displaying permits for information.

How to apply for an organisation permit

If you’re an organisation that provides transport to people who meet the eligibility requirements, and you wish to obtain a permit, you’ll need to:

  • Download the Organisation - Mobility Parking Scheme Application form and complete the organisation section:
    • The Authorised Person completing the application must already be a Roads and Maritime Services customer
    • If the Authorised Person is not recorded on the Roads and Maritime computer system, the person must attend a registry or service centre in person and provide acceptable proof of identity
    • For information about acceptable identity documents, see Proving your identity
  • Nominate a contact person who will be responsible for managing the organisation’s permit(s)
  • Attach payment (by cheque or credit card authorisation on the slip provided) to the application form, for the number of permits you’re applying for
  • Send the completed application to the Agency Business Centre (address details appear on the form). 

Please refer to the application form for more information.

For more information on the conditions of use of the disability parking permits issued by Roads and Maritime, download the Mobility Parking Scheme - conditions of use form.

Photo requirements

Organisations do not require photos for Mobility Parking Scheme permits

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