Parking concessions

If you hold a Mobility Parking Scheme permit, you’re entitled to special parking concessions, provided you correctly display your current and valid permit in the vehicle.

Parking for permit holders

You can only access parking concessions when:

  • A Mobility Parking Scheme permit and Australian Disability Parking Permit are displayed together in the vehicle, and
  • The vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder.

For organisation permit holders, parking concessions are only accessible when transporting an eligible person.

See Displaying your permit for detailed information.

Parking concessions are only available at on-street and council operated car parks.

Privately operated car parks

Car parks that operate behind boom gates are privately operated. There are no parking concessions in these areas.

To park in a designated disability parking space within a private car park, you must display your valid permit and pay any fees required by the car park operator.

Private car parks operate under rules determined by the private proprietor, and enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of designated authorised officers.

Time limited parking areas

Permit holders can park in time limited parking areas for longer time periods. If the parking area is limited to:

  • More than 30 minutes: the vehicle can park for an unlimited time
  • 30 minutes: the vehicle can park for up to two hours
  • Less than 30 minutes: the vehicle can park for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Metered, coupon or ticket parking areas

A vehicle displaying a valid permit can park in metered, coupon or ticket parking areas at no charge.

Example sign - designated disability parking space

Designated disability parking spaces

Parking spaces and signs that show the symbol for people with disabilities are for the use of vehicles displaying valid permits only.

For all other vehicles, the disability symbol has the same effect as a ‘No Stopping’ sign. 

No parking areas

In areas signposted as ‘No Parking’, a vehicle displaying a valid permit can stop for no longer than five minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods. The driver must remain within three metres of the vehicle.

All other parking rules continue to apply.

Mobility Parking Scheme permits do not allow you to stand or park a vehicle:

  • Between ‘no stopping’ signs
  • At taxi stands
  • In bus, loading, construction or truck zones
  • On clearways.
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