M4 Western Motorway

The M4 is a 40 kilometre motorway which extends from Concord in Sydney’s inner west to Lapstone at the foothills of the Blue Mountains.

While the M4 Motorway was previously a toll road, on 16 February 2010 the toll was removed and the operation of the road was handed back to the NSW Government.

Handover frequently asked questions

  • The concession for the M4 toll road ended at midnight 15 February 2010. From then on, the NSW Government operates the motorway on behalf of the people of NSW.
  • Yes. The existing M4 tolls have been abolished.
  • Tolls will need to be paid up until midnight 15 February 2010. Toll notices for non payment will be issued up until this time. If you receive a toll notice do not ignore it as it may proceed to a Penalty Infringement Notice if no action is taken. More information about toll notices.
  • The traffic arrangements through the former toll plaza area is three (3) lanes eastbound and four (4) lanes westbound. The speed limit is 70 km/h.
  • Traffic modelling has concluded that a toll free M4 would increase traffic on the motorway and its approaches. There would be no reduction to the level of congestion in the peak directions. Please continue to use current travel routes to avoid traffic delays.
  • Roads and Maritime Services has upgraded key M4 interchanges at James Ruse Drive, Homebush Bay Drive and the Cumberland Highway, including the conversion of the former eastbound T2 lane (from the Cumberland Highway to Church Street) to a normal traffic lane.
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) on the M4 are constantly updated to advise motorists on current traffic conditions. In addition regular up-to-date reports will also be issued by Roads and Maritime Services to the media through radio traffic reporters and the internet.
  • The Cashback scheme has been removed for the M4 but will continue to operate for users of the M5 South West Motorway. Cashback claims for the M4 can still be made after 15 February for tolls paid before 16 February 2010. Eligible Cashback claimants are reminded that rebates must be claimed within 12 calendar months of the end of the Cashback quarter.
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