Rest areas in NSW

Plan your rest breaks with our improved rest areas map.

The online rest areas map provides information on both heavy and light vehicle rest area locations for major roads across NSW.

Driving tired is the second biggest killer on NSW roads after speeding, so it's important to stop, revive, survive. If you're feeling tired, the best idea is always to pull over at a rest area and take a break.

Use the interactive rest areas map to find the nearest rest area, or find a rest area with specific amenities on your route, including rest areas accessible to heavy vehicles.

Click to launch the interactive Rest areas map

Key features

  • Works across all devices - mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Plan your journey by entering your start and finish locations
  • Geolocation - turn on location services to identify your location on the map
  • Find rest areas based on the amenities available, including toilets, playgrounds, barbecue facilities and more.
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